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Nebrasketball: Fan Pulse Week 10 (technically 13)

The losses just keep coming, but what about that fan confidence?

Nebraska v Rutgers Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Nebraska Cornhuskers Fan Confidence

Heartbreaking loss to [a ranked] Rutgers Scarlet Knights team on the road this past Saturday? Check.

Fan confidence would tend to go down most years up to now following a loss to Rutgers, road game or not. Well everyone, welcome to 2019-2020 Big Ten Basketball. Your assumptions are made up, and historical trends don’t matter. As you can see, fan confidence went up once again despite the ongoing losing streak.

This week’s fan confidence level was 88%. Not sure this will hold up following the loss to a short handed, reeling Wolverine squad, but we shall see in a week.

The other question this week was what team fans think was the most over-rated thus far considering the expectations placed on them at the start of the season. Results are:

  • North Carolina - 55.2%
  • Texas - 8%
  • Virginia - 7.8%
  • Florida - 5.7%
  • Ohio State - 5.6%
  • Other - 5.5%
  • Michigan - 4.8%
  • UCLA - 4.4%
  • Memphis - 3%

If you think I voted for little sister Michigan Wolverines out of spite, you might be surprised. I picked the Ohio State Buckeyes on my ballot given I expected a big drop off by scUM this season under Coach Howard.