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Frosted Flakes: Bagel Unions, Cardboard Beds and Spirit Airlines

Would you sleep on a cardboard bed?

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Greetings from Guadalajara! I’ll be settling for a few months and continue working remotely before I fly back to US in April to see some friends and do a bit of hiking. I spent a good chunk of early 2019 in Guadalajara so it’s good to be back and catch up with friends.

Speaking of science fiction tv shows mentioned in yesterday’s Flakes, I highly recommend checking out ‘The Expanse’ on Amazon (formerly Sci-Fi) and ‘12 Monkeys’ on Netflix for all the sci-fi lovers out there. I definitely need to check out ‘Dark’ and ‘Altered Carbon’.

Before we jump into Flakes, I want to ask...

What is your favorite sci-fi movie? Would you ever sleep on a cardboard bed? Have you ever flown on Spirit Airlines? Let’s hear from everyone in the comments! Anyways Onto Flakes...

Frosted Flakes

Nebraska Wrestling vs. Penn State Preview | Wrestling | Corn Nation

The Huskers welcome the Nittany Lions, who have won the past four national championships and eight of the last 9, to the Devaney Center Friday at 6 p.m. with the action to be televised by the Big Ten Network.

Boilers Too HOT for Huskers | Women’s Basketball | Corn Nation

A badly timed scoring drought doomed the Huskers in a home loss to the Boilermakers.

Mailbag: Wideout Thoughts, A Nebrasketball What If and Sports Drinks | Sports | Hail Varsity

Hail Varsity staff members Mike Babcock, Jacob Padilla, Greg Smith, Erin Sorensen and Brandon Vogel tackle your questions about the latest news in Husker Nation.

Thursday Night Lights in the Huskers Future? Gophers Make it Likely | Football | Lincoln Journal Star

But that road date against Minnesota looks likely to be a Thursday night affair rather than the traditional Saturday start. Minnesota’s website lists the game as a Thursday kickoff and, on Monday, Nebraska’s website still said Saturday. A school spokesman wasn’t sure about official word and the Big Ten didn’t return a Monday afternoon inquiry.

Huskers Host #1 TCU on Senior Day | Women’s Rifle |

TCU comes to Lincoln with a 7-1 overall record. The Frogs’ lone loss on the season came against West Virginia, who at the time were the No. 1 team in the country. Nebraska holds an all-time record of 4-18-1 against the Frogs.

Huskers Welcome Panthers to Dillon Tennis Center | Women’s Tennis |

The Nebraska women’s tennis team returns to action on Friday to take on the Florida International Panthers. The Huskers are coming off a dominant season-opening sweep over Sacramento State on Saturday. Historically, this is the first meeting between NU and FIU.

What I Read This Week

9 Travel Movies to Download For Your Next Flight | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

When you’re back at home between trips, watching some classic travel movies on Netflix can be one of the best ways to spirit yourself away to a new destination.

A Coyote Blocked Three Flights At the Phoenix Airport | Travel | Travel & Leisure

A coyote on the runway may seem unusual, but it’s a fairly common sight in the Phoenix metropolitan area, even in urban neighborhoods across Arizona, according to USA Today.

This is What it’s Really Like to Stargaze at a Dark Sky Reserve | Travel | Travel & Leisure

The International Dark Sky Association offers six designations for the darkest places in the world to view the stars. According to its website, “reserves” such as the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve “consist of a dark ‘core’ zone surrounded by a populated periphery where policy controls are enacted to protect the darkness of the core.”

Athletes at the 2020 Olympics Will Sleep on Eco-Friendly Recyclable Cardboard Beds | Travel | Lonely Planet

The bed frames are due to be recycled into paper products following the end of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, while the mattresses can be transformed into plastic products.

The World’s Fastest Autonomous Bullet Train Launches in China | Travel | Lonely Planet

The Fuxing will connect the capital Beijing with the ski slopes of Zhangjiakou in 47 minutes instead of the three hours it usually takes to get between the two cities. The high-speed railway also stops at Yanqing, another Olympics host city, as well as seven other stations, including Badaling Chang Cheng, the site of the most visited section of the Great Wall.

Peru Deports Tourists Accused of Damaging Machu Picchu | Travel | Lonely Planet

A statement from the Peru Ministry of Culture claims that six tourists illegally entered the site of Machu Picchu at night on Sunday, 11 January. Authorities allege the group damaged a stone wall of the Temple of the Sun, causing it to fall from a height of approximately six metres (20 feet) and crack the floor. Fecal matter was also found at the site.

World’s First Butter Bar Opened in Colorado | Travel | Lonely Planet

The menu offers comprises both sweet and savory options, with concoctions like the turmeric and honey saffron–laden Sunrise Saffron-Shine representing the former and the French Countryside, with herbs de Provence, rosemary, garlic, and thyme.

The Curious Case of How Spirit Airlines Actually Makes Lots of Money | Business | Medium

While the carrier today could convincingly argue that it is not as bad as its reputation suggests, it was profitable even when it was that bad. Since 2009, its operating margin has consistently been well above the industry average, peaking at an astonishing 24% in 2015 . Revenue has climbed from about $700 million in 2009 to $3.2 billion in 2018.

The Psychology Behind Over-Packing and Under-Packing | Travel | Vox

Trip destination, previous travel experiences, and luggage type are some of the factors that influence how we pack.

The Birthplace of Canada’s Mountain Culture | Travel | BBC

The gritty railroad town of Golden is home to the origin story of Western Canada’s celebrated mountain culture, which has lured countless adventurers for more than a century.

The Shipwreck That Forever Changed South Africa | Travel | BBC

When the Nieuw Haarlem wrecked in 1647, it catalyzed the creation of Cape Town. Now, an archaeologist is on the verge of finding this lost ship that forever changed history.

Monty Python’s Terry Jones: Master of the Absurd | Entertainment | BBC

His style of visual comedy, leavened with a touch of the surreal, inspired many comedians who followed him. It was on Python that he honed his directing skills, notably on Life of Brian and The Meaning of Life. A keen historian, he wrote a number of books and fronted TV documentaries on ancient and medieval history.

Why Japan Is So Successful At Returning Lost Property | Culture | BBC

Cultural norms, complex religious influences and friendly neighborhood police officers make losing something in Japan no big deal. But does this tell the whole picture about Japan’s relationship with honesty?

My Journey to Scotland’s Most Remote Pub | Culture | Outside Online

For decades, the Old Forge was the holy grail of the British outdoors community. The UK’s remotest pub, it could only be reached via boat or a three-day walk through one of Britain’s last true wildernesses, the Knoydart peninsula in Scotland. A dispute between some locals and a new owner threatened the legend—until they decided to open up a pub of their own.

How New York’s Bagel Union Took on the Mob | Food | Grub Street

In 1944, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, some enterprising thief stole a truckload of more than 1,500 bagels slated for delivery from Fisher’s Bakery on Norfolk Street. It was a newsworthy event, and local papers covered it duly — especially the primary mystery confronting policemen on the scene.

Artificial Intelligence Can Help Find Illegal Opioid Sales Online | Technology | Vox

The government is investing in an AI-based tool that could help catch illegal opioid sales on the internet. But the same approach could find lots of other illicit transactions.

The Past and the Future of the Earth’s Oldest Trees | Environment | The New Yorker

About 4500 years ago, not long after the completion of the Great Pyramid at Giza, a seed of Pinus Longaeva, the Great Basin Bristlecone Pine, landed on a steep slope in what are now known as the White Mountains, in eastern California.

One Last Thing