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Frosted Flakes: Would You Play Fetch With a Wolf?

The plans for the NFL draft are over the top and technology is one step closer to taking over the world

Wolf Photo by Bernd Weissbrod/picture alliance via Getty Images

I don’t watch much TV. Actually, I get pretty annoyed when Ranchdude turns it on during the day while I’m working.

In the evenings I do watch some TV, although in summer evenings I’m probably outside until dark.

Anyway, I’m looking for some TV shows to get me through the doldrums of winter. I tried Letterkenny, but made it about four minutes before shutting it off. We ended up watching The Boonies, which was kind of interesting but after a few episodes, it began to look overly dramatized. Reality TV is generally not my thing.

Living with all these males, I’ve already seen about every Marvel product out there. I’ve also watched pretty much every Dr. Who episode. Sci-fi is something I generally like, so if there are good series in that genre, I would check those out.

I’m always a sucker for travel shows, especially when they involve local foods.

Any good ideas for me Corn Nation?

Frosted Flakes

Streaks over, but former Husker will coach in Super Bowl
The streak may be gone, but there's a chance for a ring for one former Husker.

Husker weekend recap of rifle, track and field, swimming and tennis | Sports |
The Nebraska rifle team picked up a win against a top-10 opponent, as it beat No. 8 Navy 4,671-4,661 in Annapolis, Maryland, on Sunday.

Nebraska Wrestling: Huskers in the Rankings, January 21 - Corn Nation
Eric Schultz moves up six spots to No. 8

We now have a wrestling writer and Dylan does a great job in his first recap!

Husker Notes: Hunter Eager For Coaching Opportunity - University of Nebraska
Former Nebraska volleyball standout Kelly Hunter will serve as interim full time coach; Hoiberg's Huskers are navigating through a whacky Big Ten.

Nebraska's Matt Lubick Just Needed Some Time to Recharge | Hail Varsity
On Husker Sports Nightly Monday night, new Nebraska offensive coordinator Matt Lubick was asked why now and why Nebraska. The former Pac-12 resident had taken a year away from coaching in 2019, Nebraska's hoping it has recharged the offensive mind.

Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

2020 NFL draft: Prospects in Las Vegas to reach red carpet by boat - Sports Illustrated
The NFL is really going over the top for its first draft in Las Vegas.

What did you think? The NFL in Vegas was going to be a subdued, tasteful event?

Kansas basketball fight: Massive brawl mars ending vs. Kansas State -
An ugly brawl broke out at the end of Kansas’ win over Kansas State.

This (Not a good wow either)

More Noise and Other Disturbances

AI learns to rule the quantum world
The chess world was amazed when the computer algorithm AlphaZero learned, after just four hours on its own, to beat the best chess programs built on human expertise. Now a research group at Aarhus University has used the very same algorithm to control a quantum computer.

Wolf Puppies Willing To Play 'Fetch' Stun Researchers : NPR
Some wolf puppies will unexpectedly play "fetch," researchers say, showing that an urge to retrieve a ball might be an ancient wolf trait and not a result of dog domestication.

So, if you had the opportunity, would you play fetch with a wolf?

HP Remotely Kills Perfectly Good Ink Cartridge With DRM - VICE
The half-used ink cartridge wouldn't print until it was re-enrolled in the "HP Instant Ink" program for $4.99 per month.

I’m going to pay attention to the fine print when I buy a printer in the future.

Life in Bochorna, Georgia, the Highest Village in Europe
The town in the Caucasus mountains has a population of one person.

Then There’s This

This Combination Matrix Of Baby Yoda, Shrek, Mike Wazowski And Kermit Will Haunt Your Dreams - Digg
Baby Yoda's cultural predecessors include Mike Wazowski (from Monsters, Inc.)...

Haha! Now I want to see one made from Cookie Monster, a smurf, Spiderman and Dory from Nemo.