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Nebraska Football Recruiting: OLB Randolph Kpai is ‘N”

The Huskers scoop another prospect out of South Dakota


Great news from the land of large stone heads!

Nebraska starts out the brand new year on a positive note, getting a commit from Randolph Kpai from South Falls, South Dakota. Kpai is ranked as a four-star recruit for the 2021 class, the highest rated player in SD, according to 247. He is ranked as the 169th best player in the nation and 7th best outside linebacker.

Kpai chose Nebraska over Indiana, Iowa, Iowa State and Kansas State.

He is the fourth recruit in the 2021 class at this point, along with OT Prochazka, OG Henry Lutovsky, and DE RJ Sorensen.

This is a fun highlight video to watch. However, do NOT watch it unless you love the kool-aid, because you’re going to be drinking after you see him in action! Randolph is a true pass-rushing outside linebacker. He’s fast: when the opposing teams tried a swing pass against his side of the field, it looked like when Nebraska tried to run a swing pass this season - he just blows up the play and drops the receiver for a loss. But with all this speed, there’s still plenty of grown man strength. There’s a highlight of him rushing the quarterback, but the offensive guard was still in front of him. He just tackled the guard and the quarterback both, one on each arm! Another thing to appreciate is his work ethic. Randolph never gives up on the play until the second whistle blows. This is one of the top outside linebacker prospects in the country, and in our own backyard to boot.

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GO Big Red!