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Frosted Flakes: Long Live the Worms!

What if- the football playoff existed 40 years ago, it’s cold in Canada, and a haunted doll won’t ‘let go’

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OK, maybe this worm won’t live forever
Xinhua/Jiang Wenyao via Getty Images

What if you could live to be 400 years old? Would you want to? I already feel like an old person at times, and I’d have 350-360 years to go yet if that lifespan came to pass. I definitely don’t feel like I’ve put enough money away for a 300+ year retirement. I’m also not sure my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandkids should feel like they have to come visit me in the nursing home either. If they were expected to visit all their grandmas, they’d never get anything else done.

I mean, send me a picture once in a while kid, but keep working. Someone’s gotta cover my social security check.

Scientists Extend Lifespan of Worms by 500 Percent
With a typical lifespan of just three to four weeks, there’s a chance you have milk in your fridge older than the average C. elegans worm.

Frosted Flakes

Five for Thought: Huskers at a crossroads in men’s basketball, assistant coaching search | Sports |
It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I, along with most of The Daily Nebraskan staff, took some time off over winter break to regroup. A lot has happened over the

How 40 years of college football history would have been different with a playoff
No Jimmy Johnson at The U? A string of Florida State championships? What would the legacies of certain teams and coaches be if they had played in the CFP era?

How many times would the Huskers have been in the playoff? (more than I expected)

Hassel Earns Big Ten Event Specialist of the Week Honors - University of Nebraska
Chicago, Ill. -- Senior Sierra Hassel was named the Big Ten Event Specialist of the Week on Jan. 14, announced by the conference.

Blast from the past: That time the Huskers met Dabo
Remembering that time the Huskers played Dabo. He wasn't a big deal yet, but he had big ideas. And now look at the guy.

NU bowling takes second at Stormin' Blue & White Vegas Classic | Sports |
The Nebraska bowling team opened the second half of its season at the Stormin' Blue & White Vegas Classic in Las Vegas. The Huskers reached the finals before losing to

Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

College football: LSU’s Ed Orgeron tops bonuses earned by FBS coaches
LSU’s Ed Orgeron, whose Tigers beat Clemson for the College Football Playoff title, totaled $1.775 million in bonuses, the top total for this season.

LSU, Joe Burrow beat Clemson to win college football national title
The program that struggled to find a QB to match the talent it had accumulated now owns the greatest single season any college quarterback has played

Internet fumes as CFP national championship game drags on way too late
College football has a pace-of-play problem.

Last night Ranchhand 2’s team won their basketball game in around an hour and five minutes. A running clock (once a team is up by 40 points in the second half the clock rolls) started as soon as the third quarter started. Even during free throws, the clock ran. It was a far cry from the national champ game in football for sure.

The Rooney Rule Isn’t Working Anymore | FiveThirtyEight
The NFL isn't hiring minority head coaches at the same rate as it did a decade ago.

More Noise and Other Disturbances

Things You Didn't Know Had Names | Mental Floss
So that's what you call it! It turns out that thingy, that doohickey, that stuff, and that space between those two things probably all have names.

Losing Tongue Fat Improves Sleep Apnea – PR News
Losing weight is an effective treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), but why exactly this is the case has remained unclear.

I guess we all better start doing our tongue exercises... (and yes, please censor yourselves at least a bit in the comments)

Mathematicians put famous Battle of Britain “what if” scenarios to the test - News and events, The University of York
According to the mathematical model, the impact of these two changes would have been dramatic.

Forget Betelgeuse, the Star V Sagittae Should Go Nova Within this Century - Universe Today
The star V Sagittae is the next candidate to explode in stellar pyrotechnics, and a team of astronomers set the year for that cataclysmic explosion at 2083

The Evil List: Which tech companies are doing the most harm?
The 30 most dangerous corporations in the industry, ranked by the people who know.

Meet Anthony Peterson: The Man Who Won $1,000 in Scratch-Offs in Madison Square Garden | The Action Network
Read Rob Perez's (@WorldWideWob) exclusive interview with Anthony Peterson, the man who recently won $1,000 in scratch-offs at Madison Square Garden.

The God Phone
What happens when ordinary people play God to strangers? Leora Smith explores the history of one of the oldest art installations at Burning Man and the conversations that unfold there.

Woman Tries to Get Out of Work with a Photoshop Fail
An unnamed woman recently called into work to notify her boss that she was running late because she had gotten a flat tire. She sent over a “photo” as proof of her plight.

Prohibition began 100 years ago, and its legacy remains
NEW YORK (AP) — In this era of bottomless mimosas, craft beers and ever-present happy hours, it’s striking to recall that 100 years ago the United States imposed a nationwide ban on the production...

Then There’s This X 3

How Cold Is It In Canada Right Now? This Cold - Digg
While the East Coast of the US is seeing some unseasonably warm temperatures, large swaths of Canada are experiencing some remarkably cold days, in the negative 30s and 40s.

Kansas man asks judge to let him engage in sword fight with ex-wife, her lawyer | Fox News
A Kansas man has requested that an Iowa judge grant him a trial by combat so he can engage in a sword fight with his ex-wife and her attorney, according to reports.

They can’t ‘Let It Go’: 'Haunted’ Elsa doll returns to Houston family after being thrown out multiple times
On Christmas of 2013, a Houston-area girl was gifted an Elsa doll, and all was well until it wasn’t.