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Friday Flakes: Is Scott Frost Too Loyal to His Assistants? Remains to be Seen

Jovan Dewitt departure did not clear anything up for us

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NCAA Football: Northwestern at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

On January 6th, the North Carolina football team announced the addition of a Jovan Dewitt as their new outside linebackers and special teams coach.

Which obviously means he’s no longer a coach at Nebraska. At the time of the announcement some Nebraska fans were relieved. Not because they wanted Jovan Dewitt fired, but because there is a concern that Scott Frost’s loyalty may stop him from moving on from assistant coaches haven’t been performing up to his own standard.

In order to support his friends and co-workers the assumption is Frost will give them the opportunity to find other jobs before “firing” them. So that is what we thought might have happened here.

Then Mitch Scherman of The Athletic tweeted this:

So now we don’t know. It looks like Dewitt may have wanted to leave himself regardless for warmer weather, which is entirely appropriate given his health.

It is not a secret that the outside linebackers and especially the special teams under performed in 2019. Sometimes it’s the coach and sometimes it’s the players. You aren’t going to win the Kentucky Derby with a donkey. You also aren’t going to win the Kentucky Derby without a jockey.

Well maybe a horse could do that. You never know.

Regardless, the question of whether Coach Frost is too loyal to his assistants for the program’s own good is still left unanswered.

It does not mean he is wrong. It also does not mean he is right.

Sports! Yep. Sports!

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