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Frosted Flakes: Happy New Year!

Here’s to hoping 2020 brings something new and wonderful to each and every one of you!

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New Year Fireworks Light Up Over The Las Vegas Strip Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

Happy New Year Corn Nation! We’ve survived another underachieving season of Husker football. It’s time to turn the page and start eyeing the new and improved flavors of Kool Aid that we are going to tell ourselves that we won’t buy.

We will anyway.

Spring football will be here before we know it and, bam. We’ll be sucked back into the offseason hope and excitement.

Here’s to 2020! May it be the best year yet for all of us!

Here’s a compilation from Youtube of New Year’s Eve celebrations around the world

Frosted Flakes

Life in the Red: Former Huskers DC Diaco returning to Big Ten West as Purdue DC, per reports | National |
Next time Nebraska plays a regular season game at Memorial Stadium, Bob Diaco will be back in the building.

Nebraska edges closer to 2 million mark | Nebraska News |
Nebraska continued to edge closer to the 2 million population mark this year, but growth slowed.

The Umbrella Academy is the top Netflix show in Nebraska for 2019
The most popular Netflix show in Nebraska was The Umbrella Academy, according to research by

Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

Clemson star Travis Etienne's family gets threats ahead of LSU game
"One person said we had less than 24 hours to get out of Louisiana," said Donnetta Etienne, mother of Clemson's Travis Etienne, on LSU fans' threats.

Report: College football's officiating coordinator says Ohio State's fumble return TD shouldn't have been overturned
The man in charge of college football officiating doesn’t believe Fiesta Bowl officials made the right decision in overturning Clemson WR Justyn Ross’ second-half fumble.

The Best — And Worst — Of Pro Sports In The 2010s | FiveThirtyEight
The end of a decade is always a good chance to look back and reflect on where we started, where we ended up and how far we’ve come. In sports, the decade of the…

The weirdest MLB trade was when two pitchers got swapped by their wives -
”Take my wife. Please!”

More Noise and Other Disturbances

The coolest LEGO ® in the Universe | Lancaster University
Our results are significant because we found that the clamping arrangement between the LEGO ® blocks causes the LEGO ® structures to behave as an extremely good thermal insulator at cryogenic temperatures

Can you imagine what stepping on the coldest LEGO in the universe feels like? Ouch!

Dogs process numerical quantities in similar brain region as humans
Emory study gives insight into how mammal brains evolved

How humans learnt to dance; from the Chimpanzee Conga
Two chimpanzees housed in a zoo in the US have sparked the question about how human dance evolved after being observed performing a duo dance-like behaviour, similar to a human conga-line.

National Geographic's best pictures of the decade
Journey through National Geographic’s most powerful photographs of the decade

New Year’s Resolutions Are a Trap - Forge
New Year's resolutions and why you don't need to make them.

Design trends from the past decade we're ready to say goodbye to
Please, make it stop.

10 of the weirdest stories from 2019 - including bum sunning and 'magic' freckle - Mirror Online
It's been a year of downright weird and utterly wonderful stories, but here's a look back at some of the most bizarre we've come across

Photos: Florida did not disappoint in the weird news department in 2019
He parked the smart car where?

Then There’s This

12-year-old Texas boy sets yard on fire with Christmas gift, family says | KEYE
MCKINNEY, TX (WSET) - An experiment with a Christmas gift set a Texas family’s yard on fire on Christmas day. CNN reports 12-year-old Cayden received a magnifying glass as a Christmas gift.


When the ranchhands were younger we used to have a pit just inside the pasture next to the house for burning branches. We also had a fire pit next to the driveway for roasting marshmallows and general family fun evenings. Both were used extensively and even when we thought we had taken great care to put fires out, we managed to set the lawn on fire repeatedly. Fortunately, garden hoses were enough to put out our lawn fires.

OK, once we had to turn on the irrigation pivot.

Fortunately, none of our lawn fires made it to the CRP or half-mile long grove of [highly flammable] cedar trees.

I still try to make a donation to the local volunteer fire department every now and then, just in case.