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Nebraska Football Releases Depth Chart for Northern Illinois: Some Changes

Time to talk about what all of this means!

Nebraska v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

In an email we receive weekly from the Athletic Department on game notes, there is a little piece information tucked inside which we rush to check out. That is. In fact. THE WEEKLY DEPTH CHART!

Derek Peterson is one of many who tweeted out a picture of the said WEEKLY DEPTH CHART!

So what is notable in this week’s depth chart?

  • Maurice Washington and Dedrick Mills still have the “OR” next to them. So they are considered both starting running backs even though Washington has clearly been outplaying Mills so far this season.
  • The Colorado depth chart had Khalil Davis as the clear starter. This week he and Ben Stille are separated by the famous “OR”.
  • JoJo Domann is no longer considered an OLB. He is alone as the only one who is considered a Nickel.
  • Garrett Nelson then moves over to the other OLB position as is second behind Caleb Tannor
  • Cam Taylor-Britt is no longer considered a CB, for the purposes of this depth chart. He is now the starting safety.
  • Deontai Williams is not on the depth chart.
  • Quinton Newsome was sharing the back-up role with Braxton Clark last week and is now the clear backup at CB behind Lamar Jackson.
  • Isaac Armstrong is the starting place kicker. Barret Pickering is not even on the depth chart. He was the starter last week, for the purposes of the depth chart.
  • Colorado week had Maurice Washington and Wan’Dale Robinson as “ORs” for the top KR spot with Rahmir Johnson then Miles Jones as backups. This week there is no Miles Jones, but Rahmir is sharing the second kick returning duties with Maurice Washington.
  • Regarding punt returning, Kanawai Noa is no longer on the depth chart.
  • Noah Vedral is the holder, and was not on the depth chart last week.

To those fans who think that Adrian Martinez needs to be replaced — there is always next week!