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Flakes: Nebraska Football Will Be Just Fine

It will just take patience

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NCAA Football: Nebraska at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday’s loss was a gut punch.

Many have lamented over it in the past two days. Many more will go on over it throughout the week.

This game is a reminder that a rebuild takes time. Very few coaches can come in and shake up a lost team and make them into a winner. Scott Frost and his staff did it at UCF, but there very well could have been factors in their favor that made it happen. Factors we can’t exactly quantify on paper. It is rare, extremely rare, that a 0-12 team could go undefeated two years later.

First off, the leadership for the Cornhuskers does not seem to be solidified yet. The team has potential leaders in Martinez, Barry, and and the elder Daniels. However, rarely do you have someone so potent that they can help change a culture in just a year or two. The coaches can only do so much and then it falls on the players. I’m not saying that these guys can’t do it, I am just saying they haven’t done it yet.

One item that keeps getting brought up is the age and experience of this team.

This is a young team. Not just age but also experience with the system and each other. The line alone has a freshman and a sophomore starting. That freshman is also playing center for the first time. Very few elite teams has that young of players starting at this point in their careers. A strong dependable line takes years to get get guys working well in the system. If the quarterback is still working with a developing line then that can easily hinder their performance on the field.

Another thing to take in to consideration is the teams they are playing While yes UCF has lesser talent than Nebraska they were also playing against lesser talent for a decent chunk of their season. I’m not saying that they didn’t deserve the recognition they got. I mean, they did beat a very good yet mentally out of it Auburn team.

Scott had the ability to mold his team against lesser competition that most likely gave the Knights larger room for error as the games went on. Nebraska, doesn’t have that. Their non conference and conference slates have them facing a much larger talent base that what UCF had for a majority of their seasons.

These are just a few things that popped in my head over the weekend that is very likely making this rebuild take time. Are there other variables that are in play? Of course, we could probably write all day about what is wrong with the program and why these issues need to be fixed.

No matter how you look at it, the change and development at 1 Memorial is going to take time. Scott himself said it would take two or three years to make happen. That doesn’t mean we will see it in year two or three. It means it will take up to two or three years.

Everyone inside and outside of the program is saying that Scott is doing what needs to be done to develop a winning program. It doesn’t happen overnight. There were a lot of really great things the squad did on Saturday against Colorado. We should focus on that and believe that they will grow on those things and not dwell on the bad one.

Four full quarters is what is needed to win a football game. They will get there, and so will we as fans.

I wanted this win about as much as anyone. More than any win against a Big Ten foe but that conversation is for another day and time.

Be patient Huskers fans, all will be well.

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