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Nebraska Loses to Colorado 34-31

Our Huskers lose on the road.

Nebraska v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Barret Pickering did not travel with the team. Neither did Deontai Williams.

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Folsom Field, as expected, was a Sea of Red

First Quarter

Colorado got the ball to start the game. An offensive pass interference penalty set up a 3rd and 20 at the Colorado 15 yard line. Timeout. The Husker crowd was making themselves heard on the third down. Delay of game! Third and 25...incomplete.

Shit. Unsportsmanlike penalty on Lamar Jackson. First down Colorado.

Colorado made their way to midfield. The Huskers forced a fourth down (and about a foot) and Colorado converted. First down. Followed shortly thereafter by a Carlos Davis SACK! (He drew the holding call on the Colorado OL too.)

On third and 17, the Buffaloes picked up nine yards. They punted to JD Spielman. Fair catch inside the five yard line.

Maurice Washington started the game at tailback and moved the Huskers out of the shadow of their own end zone. An Adrian Martinez run moved the Huskers past the 30.


Jorgensen’s kick was good.

Nebraska 7 Colorado 0


Colin Miller brings down Steven Montez for a loss on the QB keeper. Laviska Shenault got most of that yardage back, bringing up third and two. The pass was too long, but the play was whistled dead to review the previous play (the Shenault gain). The line of scrimmage was brought back five yards - third and seven. The Buffs converted the first down at the 40.

Third and nine. SACKED Tyrin Ferguson and Caleb Tannor!!!!

This Blackshirt defense looks like they want this game badly.

Dedrick Mills sighting. As a free rusher was closing in on Martinez, he found Mo Washington wide open for a long gain past midfield.

SHIT. Fumble by Martinez on the quarterback draw, recovered by the Buffaloes.

End of the first quarter. Huskers 7 Buffaloes 0

Second Quarter

The Blackshirts were on the field for over 10 minutes in the first quarter. They need to get off the field.

Wish granted. ANOTHER SACK!! This one by Mohamed Barry. (Whew, Shenault was open). The Colorado punt died at the five yard line. Another possession with poor field position for the Husker offense.

Cam Taylor-Britt has been all over the field making plays for the Blackshirts today. #Shoutout

Wan’Dale Robinson got his first carry of the day.

The drive stalled when Nebraska couldn’t convert a third and two. Isaac Armstrong came onto the field for the first time today. The Buffies tried to block the punt and roughed Armstrong in the process. First down Nebraska. Good, the defense needs some rest.

Martinez to Robinson for 25!! The OL gave 2AM a lot of time to find his receiver.

Martinez to Spielman !! (Looked like the same play, different receiver to me, but I’m no X’s and O’s person). Again, Adrian had plenty of time to throw. After being discussed, in a bad way, all of last week, the OL is pass protecting their arses off. The Huskers are approaching the red zone. Again, Dedrick Mills is finding yards hard to come by.

Third and six at the 18 yard line. MARTINEZ RUN FOR FIRST DOWN!!!! He saw the defense and made the decision to run pre-snap. His head is in the right place this week.

First and goal. False start on Matt Farniok. Sigh. Mills for four-ish.

Second and goal at the five. Broken play (2AM wants to throw left). He runs right. TOUCHDOWN ADRIAN MARTINEZ!!!!!

The Armstrong kick capped off a 95 yard touchdown drive.

Huskers 14 Colorado 0

LAMAR JACKSON INTERCEPTION!!! The Blackshirt havoc meter is overheating again today. Lamar baited Montez into that throw. Good move by the senior cornerback. Husker ball on the Colorado 40.

Reverse to Spielman looked like it wasn’t going anywhere, but he found eight yards. Decrick Mills takes a swing pass for a bunch. First and 10 at the 15.

Third and seven. Washington gains three.

Fourth and four. Isaac Armstrong nails the 26 yard field goal (Noah Vedral did a nice job getting the snap down). 2:47 left in the half.

Huskers 17 Colorado 0

Delay of game on the Buffies. Laviska Shenault is strong for a receiver. He was brought down hard on a shoulder that has been injured in the past and left the game.

JoJo Domann and Will Honas bring down the ball carrier for a loss near midfield. Montez finds a receiver for a first down on the next play. The Buffs tempo is giving them momentum.

Frost calls a timeout with 45 seconds left to talk to his defense.

Shenault is back in the game and gets the crossing route but brought down for no gain by Will Honas. Shenault looks to be in pain again. One of the Davis twins forces Montez to chuck it out of bounds. Third and nine with 31 seconds left in the half.

Timeout Nebraska.

Third and nine. Montez had forever to throw, but the coverage down field was great and the pass rush started to break through forcing an overthrow to Shenault on the sideline. Fourth and nine with 22 seconds at the Husker 46 yard line. The Huskers didn’t want anything to do with the pun and cleared out. Touchback.

Martinez takes a knee to end the half. Huskers 17 Buffaloes 0


Martinez is 9/9 so far. JD Spielman is approaching 100 yards receiving. Cam Jurgens had a solid half of football. Good job for the young center after having a rough go in his first game. Still not much for the rush game though. That will need to get on track for the offense to really dominate.

Third Quarter

The Huskers use a timeout to avoid a delay of game penalty. Austin Allen is in the game. He’s tall. Drink.

First incompletion for 2AM as he overthrows Washington. Offensive holding on Jack Stoll. Second and 20. Adrian scampers for 14. Third and six. No one picks up the blitz and Martinez fumbles but recovers this time. The Huskers are forced to punt.

The Buffs offense showed a little life to midfield but a delay of game brought up third and 11. The Buffs gained four. Punt.

Three-and-out for the Husker offense.

The Huskers are called for an illegal formation giving Colorado the ball with excellent field position. The Buffies faced a fourth and five just past midfield. The came to line to see if they could get the Huskers to jump on the hard count. The Blackshirts didn’t bite. Punt.

Another three-and-out for the Huskers.

The Buffs quickly worked their way to midfield then a trick play is stopped for a loss by Ben Stille. Marquel Dismuke forced a fumble but it was recovered by the Buffies. The took a shot at the end zone and Lamar Jackson did a great job to avoid the PI call. Incomplete. However Colorado marched quickly into the red zone.

Missed tackles everywhere. Touchdown Buffs.

Huskers 17 Colorado 7

Martinez fed Dedrick Mills to the wolves on a perimeter pass that lost yardage. A Buff defender grabbed Wan’Dale Robinson’s facemask on the next play and moved the Huskers near midfield.

Spielman grabs a first down catch and then an illegal block penalty on Boe Wilson pushed Nebraska back to midfield.

End of third quarter. Huskers 17 Colorado 7

Fourth Quarter

The Huskers promptly face a third and 16. Incomplete. Sigh.

Armstrong drops the punt inside the five, so at least we’ve done something with the field position thing.


From the end zone, Montez heaves one to Nixon and the Buffs strike fast. Touchdown Colorado.

Nebraska 17 Colorado 14


Shoutout to Kanawai Noa on the blocking.

Huskers 24 Colorado 14

A tired and discombobulated defense has to go back out on the field. Which version of the Blackshirts will we see, the one from the first half or the third quarter?

First down Colorado. Khalil Davis sack. SHIT. Broken coverage gets the Buffs a first and goal. And on the next play, touchdown Colorado. I guess the first half Blackshirts decided not to reappear on this series.

Huskers 24 Buffaloes 21

SHIT BALLS. ANOTHER MARTINEZ FUMBLE. Recovered by the Buffaloes at the Husker 20 yard line. On third and nine, the blitz didn’t get home and the Buffs convert. First and goal.

Mood check

Third and goal. Incomplete. The field goal is good. Tie game. That is a big win for the Blackshirts to hold Colorado to a field goal in that situation.

Huskers 24 Colorado 24

8:30 left in the game. Wan’Dale Robinson dropped a perfectly thrown pass to bring up third and seven. Martinez scrambles for the first down! Great pass pro by the OL.

Mo Washington scampered 31 yards. Another first and ten for the Huskers in the red zone. On third and five Martinez lunged for the line. It was initially ruled a first down but review showed he was short. Fourth down and inches. Martinez in the shotgun and he keeps the ball...TOUCHDOWN NEBRASKA!!!! 5:49 left in the game.

Nebraska 31 Colorado 24

Laviska Shenault took the kickoff across midfield and fumbled the ball...HUSKER BALL!!!!!!!


Scott Frost drew a flag so the Husker offense started at the 30 yard line (ish). Martinez was called for intentional grounding, bringing up second and 17 at the 21 yard line. Mo gained two. Third and 15. The Martinez draw only nets four or so. Huskers punt.

Nixon was taken down immediately. First down Buffs. Khalil Davis chased down the jet sweep for a loss but the Buffs get those yards back on second down. Third and two. Shenault converts from the wildcat. 2:50 left in the game.

At midfield the Blackshirts force another third and two. 2:18 left.

The Blackshirts stuff the run to force fourth down. The Buffs go for it. 1:48 left...Montez sneak nets the first down. 1:29 left.

A Buffalo first down brings the clock under a minute...Buffy ball at the Nebraska 26 yard line...TOUCHDOWN COLORADO. 46 seconds left.

Tie game. Huskers 31 Colorado 31

Jill turned this over to me: [Jon]

Here’s what happens:

Gobs of stuff.

Then it went to Overtime.

Colorado went first. They didn’t get a touchdown. They got a field goal. Even on the field goal, there was a penalty on Nebraska.

Colorado made their field goal.

Nebraska did not.