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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Win: Colorado

The Sea of Red is going to invade Boulder and the Huskers will walk away with a win

Colorado v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Last week my dad told me that I had too much hype in my article. I love my dad, but I’m going to have to disappoint him, because I’ve been chugging Kool-aid all week long.

1-0! This start is 100% better than last year. We actually got to play a game and we won it!

This is only a sign of more good things to come! We’re moving on to our old rivals Colorado and we’ve got nothing to worry about.

Nebraska will end up victorious in Boulder and here’s why.


The last meeting with Colorado came after a cancelled season opening game. Nebraska never got the kinks out and had to use the Colorado game to do so.

The Huskers won’t have that problem this year. Last week they looked full of “first game jitters”. The high powered offense that averaged more than 400 yards a game last season only had 276 yards last week. They never seemed to be able to get into a rhythm. That was a fluke. It won’t happen again.

Coaches and players alike told us that the offense had some off practices last week. This week they are correcting mistakes and practicing with more intensity.

On Saturday we will see the offense that we hoped to see last week.


You may not realize this, but Nebraska’s offense struggled last week. The run game was minimal. They rushed for just 98 yards. In the second half, the Husker offense didn’t take the field until there were six minutes left in the third quarter.

With such a lackluster performance from a normally potent offense, Colorado isn’t going to have much to see to help them prepare . Sure, they can look at last year. But, they’ll be missing out on preparing for Dedrick Mills, Wan’Dale Robinson, Kanawai Noa and the rest of the crew.

Mel Tucker and coaching staff are going to struggle to put together a good defense to hold the Huskers down.

Colorado will not be able to stop the offense that the Huskers are bringing to Boulder.


FIVE TAKEAWAYS! That’s the most the Husker defense has had since having five last season against Illinois. This has only happened four times since 2010.

Eric Lee Jr., Cam Taylor-Brit, Jojo Domann, and Lamar Jackson all made big plays for the Huskers when they needed it. There is more of this play to come from these players and others on the defense.

This one is fun to watch again too:

We know Colorado has NFL prospect Laviska Shenault Jr. is going to be a good test for our secondary. Last year he was able to rule the field. This year Dicaprio Bootle and Co. are going to be all over him. Bootle will get his first interception in this game.

This is a better defense than what we saw last year. The defense is going to be even sharper on Saturday. Colorado isn’t going to stand a chance.


Back in April, CU athletics sent an email to season ticket holders with a pre-sale for the Nebraska game. In the email they encouraged their fans to keep “The Red” out of Folsom Field.


There are about 25,000 Husker fans expected to be in attendance in Boulder on Saturday. Did I mention Folsom Field has a capacity of 53,613. About half of that stadium is going to be full of red.

With the Sea of Red showing up to support them the Huskers are sure to defeat the Buffaloes.


Perhaps you’ve forgotten about the “Adrian Martinez injury” from last year at the Colorado game. Who am I kidding? No one has forgotten that. The video still makes my blood boil.

Martinez himself declined to address the injury from last year. The rest of the team hasn’t mentioned it either, but it is still clear that the players have a little extra motivation in this game.

Nebraska and Colorado have always had a heated rivalry and it’s obvious that it’s just as hot as it was in the 90s.

The Huskers are going to march into Boulder on Saturday and show the Buffaloes this isn’t a team to mess with.