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Colorado Debuting “Chuckable” Metal Cup for Nebraska Football Game

This should go well.

Colorado State v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

On Tuesday, the University of Colorado announced that they are seeking to reduce that amount of plastic used in the stadium for football games:

Ball Corporation and the University of Colorado Boulder today announced a partnership to introduce Ball’s infinitely recyclable aluminum cup to collegiate football fans at CU’s Folsom Field during the 2019 football season. The lightweight aluminum cups will debut during the Colorado Buffaloes’ home opener against the Nebraska Cornhuskers on Sept. 7.

Ball, a leader in cutting-edge sustainable beverage packaging, designed the aluminum cups in response to growing consumer preference for more sustainable products.

When I read that statement I immediately thought that this is great for the environment. The more sustainable products we can use, the better. It is a win-win situation.

In walks Sean Keeler. He is a sports reporter for The Denver Post. His mind goes in a separate direction.

To his credit, I guess if he actually deserves it, Keeler responded to a few tweets and said that it basically flies like a plastic cup.

It is impossible to say without actually holding it myself but that does not look like it flies like a normal plastic cup. Also it looks like the cup, by itself, likely could not cause bodily injury. Colorado fans are probably bummed about that fact.

Tensions are ramping up toward the weekend. The Colorado Athletic Department is expecting 6,000-8,000 husker fans to get into Folsom Field. Some from Nebraska think it could be north of 20,000. Regardless of the actual amount, there will be a large amount of red in the stadium.

My message to those Nebraska fans who will be entering Folsom Field on Saturday afternoon is this:

I implore you brave souls who make it into the game that when you walk back to your seats from the bathroom and you see a “metal” “chuckable” cup fly across your face just keep walking. Amid the f*** yous, f*** herbie, or any of the other creative insults they end up spewing your way, try instead to focus on the “cool sound” the cup makes when it hits the ground.