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Five Reasons Nebraska Will Lose: Colorado

The Buffaloes will trample the Cornhuskers at Folsom Field

NCAA Football: Colorado at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Look, I might’ve been wrong about Nebraska losing to South Alabama. Come on though, it was South Alabama. There’s no reason that game should’ve been close. Scott Frost even said the defense won Nebraska the game. Nebraska’s offense couldn’t do anything against a Sun Belt team, does anybody really think they’ll be able to do anything against a power five opponent? I may have been wrong about Nebraska going 0-12 this year, but don’t worry that will be the only time this season I’m wrong.

Mel Tucker is a Better Head Coach

Mel Tucker won his first game as head coach at Colorado. That’s a lot better than Scott Frost, he went 0-6 in his first season. Obviously this means Tucker is going to be able to out-coach Frost in every facet of the game.

On top of that, Tucker comes from the SEC, and we all know the SEC is light years ahead of the B1G. We all know Rutgers would probably lose to Tennessee by 1,000. Who knows, maybe the Scarlet Knights could win and double their win total from 2018.

This is Going to be a Hostile Environment

Nebraska goes on the road to one of the toughest places to play in all of college football. I saw on twitter today that someone in the Colorado media doesn’t think Nebraska will have more than 12,000 fans at Folsom Field. How about 12? Why does everybody believe this will be like road games from the past.

After the poor showing the Nebraska had against South Alabama I’m sure the few Husker fans who had tickets sold them in a heartbeat. I know the nicest fans in college football would welcome Nebraskans with open arms, and I bet they’re going to be heartbroken when none show up.

Nebraska Doesn’t Have a Turnover... Item?

Myself and others noticed Colorado jumped on the turnover chain train this season. The Buffaloes created a turnover boxing road because it signifies how they beat everybody they play. This motivates the defense to create turnovers like Tom Brady motivates his receivers to get first downs.

I’m sure Nebraska’s offense is going to even out their season turnover margin and give the ball away at least three times. Bud Crawford will probably go to the Colorado sideline and get his boxing gloves signed by some of the players.

Adrian Martinez is Scared

Martinez played awful on Saturday, but I think we all expect him to bounce back. Just not this game. He’s going to be scared to be Colorado, he’ll be shaking. He got injured when the Buffaloes came to Lincoln last year.

He knows they intentionally hurt him, so he’s going to be rattled before the ball is even snapped for the first play. The snaps will be high again, and it’s going to mess him up even more.

Frost Has Never Won on the Road

While is only in his second year at Nebraska, he has still never won on the road. He had five chances last year and couldn’t get the job done. He choked the lead against Northwestern, and he’s going to do it again against Colorado.

Picture this, Nebraska starts the fourth quarter with a 10 point lead. As the seconds tick away the Blackshirts get tired and let Colorado march down the field three different drives and get touchdowns on each. Nebraska loses for the first time this season, and starts the downward spiral from there.