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Fan Pulse Top 25: Huskers Remain in the Poll at #25

There was no movement in the top 5 but the Huskers dropped a spot after their closer-than-expected win vs South Alabama

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NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Nebraska Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The Week 1 SBNation college fooball FanPulse poll is out and you, the fans, have spoken! If you haven’t joined the voter-tariat (not really a word) already, you can SIGN UP HERE).

  1. Did South Dakota State enter the poll? (Sadly, I could not find them on my ballot - Northern Iowa either)
  2. I picked Cincinnati over Ohio State as my surprise upset of the season and Cincy looks better than I expected. But so does Ohio State. I’m not feeling good about that pick anymore.
  3. Did you have to watch the Oklahoma - Houston game with the remote in hand at all times to mute whenever Oklahoma did something good — because your spouse said that if they had to listen to “Boomer Sooner” one more time...[rabble rabble rabble]? I did.

Onto the Top 25.

There was no change in the first 5 from the preseason poll. LSU jumped four spots and pushed the Wolverines down from 6th to 7th. Auburn jumped all the way from 18 to 8 with their win over Oregon and Tejas remains #9. Notre Dame slipped from 7 to 10 to round out the top 10.

The Huskers moved down a place from 24 to 25 from the pre-season poll. I expected them to possibly slip out of the poll altogether, but the voters still have confidence that Scott Frost and Adrian Martinez will get the ship righted.

Husker FanPulse voters also placed the Nebraska at 25 in their aggregated ballot.

Also receiving votes:

  • Boise State
  • Memphis
  • Cincinnati
  • Virginia

Random Notes

The only one of our Big Ten West brethren to keep Nebraska in the polls was Northwestern (#25). Illinois didn’t have enough signups to have aggregated data.

LOL! Iowa fans have their team at #16. All the other B1G West fans were pretty much in agreement with the overall results (Wiscy fans have their team at #16 too FWIW).

Have a good rest of your week everyone!