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Wednesday Frosted Flakes: Where Will You Be Watching

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The Colorado Buffies were no match for Superman (aka Rex Burkhead) (Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)
The Colorado Buffies were no match for Superman (aka Rex Burkhead) (Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Colorado awaits for our Husker Knights, but what awaits me is Iowa City. That’s right, Iowa City, Iowa. Life decided to make my significant other be a Hawkeye and now my life is trying to catch the Husker game in the worst place possible. Oh well.

There is the normal place I watch in Kansas with the Kansas for Nebraska group in Wichita, Kansas. They usually have a great turnout and always have a raffle for Husker swag, and there is another group in Tulsa that I need to check out sometime. Maybe we should have a series of articles highlighting all of the watch parties around the county expat Huskers can go to be among our kind.

Where are you all going to be watching? Who is all going to the game? I would go but see above for reasons why life has prevented me from being my carefree-do-whatever-I-want self.


The PG Version: Parker Gabriel’s extra points from Huskers-Jaguars

Turning point: Probably Eric Lee’s interception return for a touchdown at the beginning of the second half. That was the first of three non-offensive scores for the Huskers. JD Spielman had two turning points — a punt return touchdown that put NU up 28-7 and in position to blow South Alabama out, then a muffed punt that contributed to the Jaguars getting back in the game

All these years later, Huskers vs Buffs still a grudge match

It’s going on a decade since Nebraska and Colorado went their separate ways because of conference realignment, and current players weren’t born yet or can’t remember when the series was one of the most competitive in the old Big Eight and Big 12.

Husker safety Eli Sullivan liked ‘being the guy that no one knows.’ But those days are gone

LINCOLN — Eli Sullivan put in most of his work behind the scenes for three years. In some ways, that’s just how he liked it. But after recording four tackles in 19 snaps Saturday, the Nebraska junior walk-on safety admitted his incognito days might be over.

Huskers No. 25 in both AP and coaches’ poll

Nebraska might not have won overwhelmingly on Saturday, but Associated Press voters didn’t mind too much. The Huskers fell one spot to No. 25 in the weekly poll, released Tuesday after a holiday weekend full of college football.

Three Husker football assistants receive raises

Three Nebraska football assistants received $25,000 raises to their salaries in the offseason. Offensive line coach Greg Austin now makes $500,000, defensive backs coach Travis Fisher now makes $325,000 and inside linebackers coach Barrett Ruud now makes $225,000.

Kiszla: Give the Huskers a hug, Colorado. After CU football team reveals Nebraska as top-25 fraud, they’re going to need it.

Hey, Buffs. It won’t be easy. But as the Bugeaters return to Folsom Field for the first time since 2009, kindly refrain from the Nebraska jokes.

Other Stuff

Nebraska sees ‘significant’ increase in mumps cases amid recent outbreaks

Nebraska health officials this week announced there has been a “significant” increase in mumps cases following two outbreaks in the state.

Strictly Legal: Nebraska decision shines a light on the tanning industry

A Nebraska appellate decision raises the interesting question of whether the determining factor in a libel case is who was the target, or who got hit?

Nebraska Ruling Does Not Clear Path for Keystone XL

While Nebraska Supreme Court’s recent ruling ends a challenge to Keystone XL’s proposed route through the state, TransCanada’s (TC Energy’s) tar sands pipeline proposal still faces many significant obstacles. Last week’s ruling deprives Nebraska’s landowners and members of the Ponca and Yankton Sioux tribes along Keystone XL’s route the opportunity to engage in a public process established by the state’s pipeline siting law to have their concerns addressed.

Group estimates trade dispute to cost Nebraska farmers $943M

The Nebraska Farm Bureau estimates the ongoing trade dispute will cost the state’s farmers $943 million in lost revenue this year, but those losses will be partly offset by aid payments from the government.