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Nebraska 7 Ohio State 48: Recap and Reaction Thread

Most of us expected a loss, but hoped for a competitive outing. What we got was ugly, uglier and ugliest.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

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First Quarter

Wan’Dale Robinson brought the ball out to the 17 or 18 yard line but a penalty pushed Nebraska back inside the 10 yard line. Of course, the refs ignored the OSU player that jumped on the pile late. They didn’t ignore the late hit out-of-bounds on Martinez on the first play from scrimmage.

Maurice Washington showed many talents, running outside and then inside for a fist down, but at midfield INTERCEPTION. Shit. The closing speed of Jeff Okudah was exceptional.

The Blackshirts looked like they had maybe stuffed the third down play at the 30, but the officials called it a first down. Then a pass interference on Cam Taylor-Britt (really crappy call IMO; see gif below) set up the Bucks at the 15 and then Justin Fields ran untouched (nearly) for the touchdown.

Buckeyes 7 Huskers 0

Three and out for Nebraska. Sigh. Isaac Armstrong came out to punt. The punt coverage term brought the returner down for a loss.

The Buckeyes moved past midfield in one play and into the red zone in short order. Another Buckeye touchdown, this one by KJ Hill, Jr.

Buckeyes 14 Huskers 0

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Dedrick Mills got the ball to start the Huskers’ third possession. The refs missed a facemask I think? The Huskers moved past midfield when a high snap messed up the timing on a run play (no gain). A Martinez keeper netted another first down. Tempo tempo tempo. MOAR Mills and Husker fans’ hearts go aflutter on the trap play. OSU burns a timeout because of the tempo.

ANOTHER INTERCEPTION. A Buckeye defender laying on his back had one drop on him after Robinson tipped the ball. Buckeye ball around the 5 yard line.

The Buckeyes moved past midfield with a wide open receiver as the first quarter came to a close.

Second Quarter

The Buckeyes were marching down the field methodically. On third and eight at the 25, Fields found a receiver to set up first and goal. Yikes. Caleb Tannor notched a sack on second and goal. Fields was stopped short on third and goal, forcing the field goal attempt. Good.

Ohio State 17 Huskers 0

Our friends at the Big Red Cobcast have a public service announcement

The Husker offense just needs to hang onto the ball and avoid turnovers...LOL, nope. Third interception.

Buckeye ball at midfield.

Fields scampers 40 yards to set up first and goal. Second and goal. Touchdown.

Ohio State 24 Huskers 0

Not ideal.

Next possession for Nebraska. Went backwards. At least it didn’t end in a turnover. Progress? Buckeye ball at the...oh who gives a shit. The real question is can Erik Chinander figure out how to stop the bleeding until the offense gets its crap together

Nope. They move into the red zone with ridiculous ease. Pitch to recruits at the game. “We need you. Can’t you see that? Please!”

Buckeye touchdown.

OSU 31 NU 0

Mood check

Husker possession. Three and out. The Buckeyes use their final timeout with 4:09 left in the half. Buckeye ball at the 28 after the punt.

Stop me if you’ve heard this. Two plays later, the Buckeyes are past midfield. The Blackshirts are a day late and a dollar short. Red zone for the Buckeyes. Touchdown.

Buckeyes 38 Huskers 0

Husker possession. Three and out. Fortunately, there are only 40 seconds left in the half. Buckeye ball at the midfield-ish area. Again.

Recommended second half adjustments:

Third Quarter

Oh yay, the Buckeyes get the ball to start the second half.

Midfield. Red zone. Oh, wait. Only a field goal.

Buckeyes 41 Huskers 0

The Huskers didn’t make it very far and Wan’Dale Robinson was almost decapitated on one play. The punt return for OSU was flagged.

Marquel Dismuke is injured. Great.

Midfield. Red zone. End zone. (I feel like I’ve typed this before).

Buckeyes 48 Huskers 0


Ohio State 48 Nebraska 7

The Huskers laid a lick on the kickoff. A penalty caused the Buckeyes to choose a re-kick. (2 min left in the third quarter).

More plays happened.

Fourth Quarter

Wasn’t paying attention. Too busy banning trolls.

Kade Warner sighting. Austin Allen sighting. Kanawai Noa. Martinez converts a fourth down. Dedrick Mills sets up first and goal. Buckeye backups are no match for us! (/sobs) Or maybe they are. Fourth and goal - Martinez falls down at the 12. No points. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

More plays happened.

Game summary

Final Ohio State 48 Nebraska 7