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Ohio State Is Annihilating Nebraska 38-0 At Half

It’s been an awful game.

Ohio State v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

6:05 PM

I have not had any alcohol all weekend. My liver needs the break. Unfortunately, this leads to side effects as the tourette’s is kicking in 25 minutes before game time. I’ve already nearly taken off my pants in front of my family.

Who knows what awaits us this evening.

0-7 Ohio State

Adrian Martinez throws an interception on Nebraska’s first possession. Ohio State gets the ball at the 50. Five plays later, quarterback Justin Fields takes off scrambling up the middle to score.

Key Play: A really shitty pass interference call on Cam Taylor-Britt to put the ball on the Nebraska 15.

0-14 Ohio State

Nebraska went 3 and out. Ohio State took 10 plays to go 60 yards this time. They scored on a two-yard pass to JK Hill.

Key Play: Fields ran around the end for 14 yards to the Nebraska six yard line on third down.

End Of First Quarter

Two turnovers. Nebraska was driving the field, using the I Formation and Fullback Trap plays. Things looked good. Then Martinez through high, Robinson tipped the ball up slightly and it fell into the hands of an Ohio State player who was lying on the ground.


Blake Haubeil kicks a 23-yard field goal after Nebraska held Ohio State on a third down. The scoring drive took 13 plays, went 90 yards and lasted 7:04.

Key Play: Ohio State picked up a 3-and-8 to keep their drive alive when Fields hit a receiver on a slant play.


Martinez throws an incredibly terrible interception. He overthrows an open Mike Williams and the ball floats right into an Ohio State defender’s hands.

Fields runs up the middle for 40 yards, then Master Teague runs it in from eight yards out.


Nebraska did not turn the ball over. They punted. Ohio State got the ball at the 45. They took three players and :59 seconds to score. Fields threw to Teague for 28 yards. Teague ran for 26 yards. Teague scored from 1 yard.


Ohio State’s Austin Mack was covered well by DiCaprio Bootle but made a great reception anyway. 18 yard pass from Fields. Scoring Drive was 7 plays, 72 yards in 2:28.

There is 1:34 left in the half.

This has been a disaster. Martinez has looked awful, but he’s not alone. Both lines are being completely dominated.

At this point, Ohio State looks like a definite College Football Playoff team. We knew this going in. It’s just been very painful to watch.

At half:

Justin Fields has a QB rating of 193.5

Adrian Martinez rating is -39.5

I didn’t know you could have a negative QB rating.

Lord help the kid. Maybe his line could make some blocks.