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Gabrielle Union Will Be Guest Picker on ESPN College GameDay

Our long national quandary has been answered

Rutgers v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Ever since ESPN announced that they would be coming to Lincoln for College GameDay everyone has been wondering who would be chosen to be the guest picker at the end.

Well, wonder no further.

Hollywood’s #1 Husker fan and Nebraska native Gabrielle Union will be the celebrity guest picker on ESPN’s College GameDay this Saturday.

The award winning actress will be in town before the Nebraska takes on Ohio State at 6:30pm CST on ABC. ESPN College GameDay will start at 8:00am CST and will conclude at 11:00am. Gabrielle should be on roughly around 10:50am or so for the final picks of the day.

Gabrielle is originally from Omaha and has become a regular at Husker sporting events. Sometimes even bringing her husband former NBA star Dwayne Wade. It is still unknown if he will be on the show with her or at any capacity.

Corn Nation’s Nate McHugh asked the question earlier this week on who Nebraska fans thought should be the guest picker. Gabrielle came in second with 726 votes. Just shy of Jack Hoffman who garnered 777.

Gabrielle has not been shy of her Husker love and should expect it to come out loud and clear when she sits next to Lee Corso on Saturday.

[Update: Earlier today Christian Gaylord asked Union if she would wear the jersey his father wore to Christian’s games. Union has responded.]