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Thursday Flakes: Does Nebraska Need to Beat Ohio State to “Win” the Weekend?

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Of course they do.....don’t? Let me know.

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NCAA Football: Miami (Ohio) at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Bummer...I know. You were probably expecting a travel flakes of some type from a different Nate. However, we have switched Flakes this week because he is on a hiking trip. Instead, you get what I probably would have written for Friday Flakes. So. Enjoy! Or Don’t.

As of this writing the Ohio State Buckeyes are favored to beat Nebraska by 17.

Many members of the media have been posing the question whether this is the biggest weekend for Nebraska football in the past decade or more? Many will differ on when was the most recent game that meant so much to the program.

  • 2009 Big 12 Championship Game
  • 2010 Texas
  • 2010 Kansas State
  • 2010 Big 12 Championship Game

Those are some of the weekends which have been thrown out to answer that question. So with so much on the line in terms of national spotlight, recruiting, ?facility announcement?, and contending for a division it would be in the best interests of Nebraska to “win” the weekend.

That may be tough, however, to do so with Ohio State coming into town. The Buckeyes have outscored their four opponents by a combined 214 - 36.


Winning the game, while possible, is not likely. Those are the expectations going into the game. So with those lowered expectations it is still possible to “win” the weekend without winning the game. How does Nebraska do that?

In my opinion, they need to lose by less than 20.

What say you?

Sports! Sports! Sports!

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