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Nebrasketball Player Profile: Jervay Green

Coach Hoiberg’s first big recruiting win was keeping Green committed to the Huskers

ThunderRidge versus Geroge Washington boys 5A Colorado state basketball semifinals
Green in action during the 2017 Colorado Boys 5A State Basketball Semi-final Game
Photo by John Leyba/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Hailing out of a metro region just to the west of Nebraska that I won’t name because of a certain event in football recently, Jervay Green graduated from George Washington High. While he was a high profile player in that state just to the west, he went the route of community college for his first two years and played at Western Nebraska CC.

Green committed to the Nebraska Cornhuskers last fall and initially wavered after Miles was fired. After Hoiberg made a point to visit the day after he was hired and subsequently hosted Green on an official visit to Lincoln, Jervay stayed committed to Nebraska and arrives as the first big recruiting win of the Hoiberg era. Given his style of play, this makes perfect sense as he seems poised to fit right into the mayor’s style of play.

Green graduated from Western Nebraska Community College this past spring. The 6’3, 200 pound shooting guard was a 3-star prospect according to 24/7 and was ranked the 17th JuCo prospect and 7th shooting guard in his class. You can find some fantastic highlights from his JuCo career here:

While playing for the Cougars, Green took off in his second season. He averaged 23.6 points and started in 31 of 32 games. He scored 51 points in a home loss against Iowa Lakes CC, shooting 71.4% from behind the arc, and scored more than 40 in two other games last season. Jervay averaged 39% from three for the season, and 54.7% from inside the arc.

I won’t sugar coat it, his free throw percentage was abysmal at a measly 53.6% (98-183). You’ll learn I don’t have much sympathy to give when it comes to terrible shooting from the charity stripe, and I hope he figures that out as his freshman season he shot a respectable 67.3% (74-110) from the line.

Green did fairly well off the glass, averaging 5.7 rebounds a game, while spreading the ball around to his teammates to the tune of 5.3 assists. Ball security was respectable for him as well at only 3.1 turnovers a game.

As has been stated repeatedly, it’s tough to judge the quality of the teams the Huskers played in Italy. That said, Green did average 8.3 points per game. Oh, and he had this beautiful assist:

Jervay picked the Huskers over offers from Colorado State, Houston, Wichita State, TCA, and Ole Miss. The [cheating] Kansas Jayhawks also showed interest in recruiting him, though never made an offer. Clearly the fact that a program like Wichita State made an offer says something about the quality of player in Green. However, WNCC does not play in any conference or face opponents remotely close to the caliber of a B1G roster.

Hence, for all the excitement Green should draw from fans, there will likely be a clear learning curve as he adjusts to the league and their physical style of play. But rest assured, all signs point to him coming through the other end as a key contributor on the court. And if you need any indication of that being true from the perspective of Coach Hoiberg, look no further than the fact Green will be one of the players representing the Huskers next week in Chicago for B1G Media Days.