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The Ban Hammer May Be Coming For You

Some news about moderation.

NCAA PENALTY TO PENN STATE Nabil K. Mark/Centre Daily Times/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

I HATE writing these pieces.

In case you hadn’t noticed, a member was recently banned that has been with us for some time. This should serve notice to you guys that we are not afraid to ban users who have been around for a while. Longevity and a massive amount of commenting does not make you immune.

I would like those of you with signatures that are political in nature to please remove them. We’ve already mentioned that we don’t want our threads devolving into politics. Signature lines with any politics whatsoever is just another form of trolling and it’s a method of getting around our request to not discuss politics. There are enough politics everywhere else; we do not need it here.

I’d like to see you people be more welcoming of fans of other teams who come in here.

I realize that we all get intense during Nebraska football game threads. I know that everybody is on edge and probably imbibing because our football team isn’t as good as we want them to be. This isn’t a reason to overreact to everyone that makes what might be perceived as negative comments about our beloved Nebraska Huskers as a troll.

Our game threads and a lot of article comments have gotten out of control with the amount of sniping and personal attacks. This should be a fun place for people to be. I’ve had complaints that it is not; that some users don’t partake because they will be attacked.

Another point of irritation: Do not attack my staff.

The biggest takeaway you should get from from this article is that you are not immune. I don’t care if you’re at member in good standing. I don’t care if you been a member here for five or 10 years or whatever, that’s no excuse for bad behavior.

It will get you banned.