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Krootin’ Kernels: Lots of Talent in Town for GameDay vs Ohio State

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Coaching Staff Goes All In On Big Official Visit Weekend

What a tremendous environment Memorial Stadium will have on Saturday! The Nebraska Cornhusker coaching staff is looking to capitalize on that environment by bringing in their top targets on official visits this weekend. Here’s a quick introduction to the official visitors:

Marquis Black This three star defensive lineman is looking at Nebraska, Kentucky, Arizona, and Virginia Tech. The staff has a lot of attrition coming after graduation on the defensive line, and Marquis is a top target.

Kaden Johnson is one of the top outside linebacker prospects in the country. The search for the elite pass rusher continues. Minnesota and Wisconsin are recruiting him heavily as well.

Darion Green-Warren is a top defensive back from California. USCwest and Oklahoma lead for him currently. The staff is hoping a dynamite visit can shape things up with him.

Jackson Bratton, Bama commit, is a classmate of commit Logan Smothers, not Sevion Morrisson. He is actually interested, but beating the Crimson Tide for him will be a tough pull.

Chandler Durham is an unrated offensive tackle from Georgia. He is another prospect where the staff is looking to buy the frame and build the body on it.

Rodney Groce Jr. is an inside linebacker from Alabama. Mississippi State and Alabama are our competition here. The staff has a good shot here.

Derrick Lewis, Texas inside linebacker. See a trend with all these prospects? Coach Fisher is working on upgrading defensive personnel at a rapid rate.

Jared Ivey is yet another pass rushing outside linebacker. His 6-6 frame could make him a formidable force from the edge. Colorado, Stanford and Duke are also vying for his services.

Lavon Bunkley-Shelton is a four star wide receiver with a top four of Nebraska, Texas, USC, and Oregon. He projects as a replacement in the slot for J.D. Spielman.

Ronald Delancy III is a Louisville commit. This defensive back is making sure he is making the right decision. The Huskers need all the defensive backs they can sign!

Last minute addition:

The following were slated to come, but have been asked by the staff to delay their visit. Hopefully this means there’s some top talent ready to commit!

Kendrick Simpkins CB

Javar Strong S

A bunch of commits will be in town to help peer recruit as well, including Turner Corcoran and Logan Smothers.

Basketball is getting in on the action too:

The Cornnation recruiting staff will continue to make updates as names are added to and come off the list. The epic atmosphere can’t be much more outrageous than it will be on Saturday. Hopefully it knocks some socks off! GBR!