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Nebrasketball: B1G Media Days Roster Announced

The Rosemont Hilton awaits us Nebrasketball fans

NCAA Basketball: Big 10 Media Day
B1G-ly things are afoot in the news next Wednesday!
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

As if this week wasn’t jam-packed with excitement enough for you already, the B1G released the full slate of rosters for Basketball Media Days yesterday! And if you haven’t looked at your calendar recently, Media Days will be NEXT WEEK!!! WOO-HOO!

The Huskers will be represented by:

Coach Fred Hoiberg
Senior Haanif Cheatham
Junior Jervay Green
Sophomore Cam Mack

B1G Media Days will be next Wednesday, October 2nd at the Hilton Rosemont in Rosemont, Ill. After Media Days, it is only a short agonizingly slow moving 34 days until the season officially tips off on November 5th, and another 72 days for the first Huskers B1G game on December 13th (but only 65 days until the first B1G game on December 6th).

Be sure to go back and check out Haanif Cheatham’s player profile here, and check back later this week for Jervay Green’s.