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Nebraska Football Monday Press Conference

Scott Frost speaks. JoJo gets a Blackshirt. Wan’Dale wanted the ball.

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Illinois Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Scott Frost took the podium earlier today to discuss a wild and woolly game in Champaign. He covered everything from injuries (no he didn’t - he refuses to talk about those) to his breakout freshman receiver and what the team and coaches think about College GameDay coming to town.

Asked about the breakout performance of Wan’Dale Robinson

Wandale Robinson got 27 touches on Saturday. Frost indicated that he may not get that many consistently, but that they will find ways to keep feeding him the ball.

On all of the injuries and Huskers that had to leave the game on Saturday (good news!). Specifically Frost was asked about Maurice Washington and (per his usual protocols) did not comment directly on Mo.

On Ohio State and their first-year head coach

On Adrian Martinez and his progress so far this season

On the incomplete pass that was reviewed and called a fumble

Coach Frost also indicated that he was disappointed in special teams play overall. Even being down to their third-string kicker, he was disappointed in other aspects of ST play (I have to assume that kick coverage is near the top of the list).

When asked about preparing for some of the outstanding players that Ohio State has, he called QB Justin Fields “a special player”. Also...

When asked about College Gameday and the national spotlight for the Huskers, he answered exactly as he should...that it is great to get the spotlight and some national attention...he expects players to learn how to operate and flourish in that type of environment.

Coach Frost sending a message to Husker fans

Player quotes

Just Checking to See if You Read This Far

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