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Friday Flakes: Don’t Be that Fan

Don’t fall in love with the back-up quarterback

NCAA Football: Bethune Cookman at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t be that fan.

Don’t be that fan that takes a small sample size of Noah Vedral against the Northern Illinois back-ups and come to the conclusion that maybe Vedral needs to start getting snaps with the one’s in practice.

This reminds me, as a basketball coach, of the kid who some believe should be playing. He /she gets in toward the end of the game because the game is in-hand and hits a couple threes. Gets a steal. Or maybe gets a couple offensive rebounds.

The people who want the kid to play more stand up and yell, “See! See! He should be playing!”

Even though they don’t see what everything else that happens during the week. They also don’t see what the coaches are trying to do while he is in there.

You can’t compare the play of a back-up quarterback against the back-ups of a Northern Illinois team. The talent drop-off is much steeper for a team like Northern Illinois.

I am just happy to see our back-up quarterback look good enough that maybe if Martinez were to get hurt, that our offense would still function.

Sports News, News about Sports! Sports about News!

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