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Thursday Night Of Thread of Wine Before The Weekend!

Prairie View A&M v Houston Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

There is ONE college football game tonight!

You’re probably not interested.

It is:

Houston at Tulane7:00 pm on ESPN!

Because ESPN OWNS EVERYTHING.... kind of. Disney owns everything and ESPN is owned by Disney, so it’s kind of like messing with the underling of a mob boss. Do it too much and a princess will seduce you, then kill you in your sleep in the most heinous way possible.

IF you’re a NFL Fan, there is

Tennessee Titans AT Jacksonville Jaguars at 8:20 PM on the NFL Network

Exciting stuff.

Maybe, I don’t know. I have no idea if those NFL teams are good, bad, or average. Chances are, they both have domestic assaulters on the roster because that’s the NFL.

I think I’ll have some wine tonight.

You could join me.

It will be cheap wine. Not Mogen David or MD20/20 cheap, but probably a cheap $6.99 Moscato or Rose’ or some shitty-ass stuff that fancy people wouldn’t be caught drinking if they thought people might see the bottle.