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Nebrasketball Player Profile: Charlie Easley

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Taking a cue from Frost, Hoiberg builds his walk-on class with a talented, local player.

Hail Varsity

Frost and Hoiberg are both young coaches with high expectations. They both love offenses and have roots in Lincoln. What more could the “hottest coaching combo in America” (your words, not mine) have in common?

Three words: Nebraska walk-ons. Does walk-on count as one or two words?

While Scott has rejuvenated the once vital and prospering walk-ons for football, Fred is taking a page out of that book as well for his new-look Nebrasketball squad.

Meet Charlies Easley, a 6-foot-2, 190-pound guard who spent his high school years in Star City, at Lincoln Pius X. He left the Thunderbolts with the school record for points (1,412). His senior year, where he was first-team All-Nebraska, he averaged 23.3 points, 6.1 rebounds, 4.1 assists and 3.1 steals per game on top of 51.5 percent shooting, going 45.3 percent from three and 86.5 percent from the free-throw line.

Easley chose to be a preferred walk-on at Nebraska rather than in-state “rival” Creighton, along with some late interest from South Dakota State, Idaho and a scholarship offer from The Citadel.

Easley chose the Huskers mainly due to the presece of Hoiberg. In this offense, if you work hard and can shoot the ball, you can play no matter how many stars you have next to your name. Which is why he just needs to work hard. And as we already know, he already has the shooting part down.

Easley will be joining his AAU teammates Akol Arop and Jace Piatkowski on Hoiberg’s squad as well. The Huskers’ home state will be well-represented on the court this year. And one of the state’s top players choosing to stay home is a big reason why.