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Frosted Flakes: Watching Husker Games Abroad

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The highlights and struggles of a traveling Husker fan

Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Greetings from the Cordillera Blanca Mountains in Central Peru! I’m happy to be here and I’ve been looking forward to doing some hiking here for a long time.

I realize these intros are not everyone’s cup of tea so I don’t mind if you scroll through the intro remarks and commentary because there are some great reads below. Today I want to talk about watching Husker sports while traveling aboard.

Sometimes it depends on the Internet connection. Sometimes the different time zones can lead to stay up really late to watch a game (like the time in Ireland when I was sitting alone in a dark hostel at 3:00 am). Sometimes you just get bad luck. The week of the Colorado game, I wanted to make it to my next destination (a 5.5 hour ride away on two buses). I arrived at the main bus terminal in Cuenca, Ecuador in hopes of catching one of a 9:00 am bus to Loja and then transfer to a bus heading to Vilcabamba.

There were plenty of buses heading to Loja at 9:00 am but the problem was they were all full. It turned out most of the people at the bus station were headed to Loja for a big festival that weekend (which I had no idea about). Frustrated that my plan was falling apart, I ended up buying a ticket for the next available bus at 11:00 am bus.

Anytime the bus was driving through the town (and I had service) I was frantically checking my phone for score updates. I did arrive in Vilcabamba as the 4th quarter was getting underway. I got to my hostel for the day and went to my usual streaming sites to find the game. However, the Internet at the hostel was having issues and it was barely able to play a radio stream of the Colorado comeback. Sometimes you have one of those days. Funnily enough, the Internet was perfectly fine the following day to the point where I was able to teach English online that day.

Last week for the Northern Illinois game, I returned to my hostel after a waterfall hike and quickly found a Fox Sports 1 stream just in time for the game! However, much to my confusion that the Iowa-Iowa State game was still playing. Thankfully I discovered what happened and managed to find a stream of FOX Business within a few minutes just in time to see the first touchdown!

I’m curious to hear more as to what some of our beloved international Corn Nation readers go through to watch Husker sports. Comment below and share your stories and experiences! Anyways...onto Flakes.

Frosted Flakes

Stanford overpowers Nebraska: Volleyball Recap | Volleyball | Corn Nation

Coach Cook thought this was the best the team played all season. He saw the same inconsistency as we talked about above. He described it as “Stanford plays at a high level the whole match. They don’t give you anything. We aren’t there yet.”

#1 Huskers fall to #2 Stanford | Volleyball |

The defending national champion Cardinal (6-1) never trailed in sets one and three and led almost the entirety of the fourth set. The Huskers fought back from down eight in set one to get within two points late, and NU won a back-and-forth second set that had five lead changes before Stanford took control of the match in the final two sets.

Mailbag: What’s Up With Adrian Martinez? | Sports | Hail Varsity

Hail Varsity staff members Mike Babcock, Jacob Padilla, Greg Smith, Erin Sorensen and Brandon Vogel tackle your questions about the latest news in Husker Nation.

Left Tackle Brendan Jaimes Back to Practice on Wednesday | Football | Hail Varsity

Jaimes had to leave the game against Northern Illinois after an injury. He was helped off the field on Saturday after suffering an unidentified leg injury in the fourth quarter. Sophomore Broc Bando stepped into the left tackle role in his absence.

Austin Says Bando’s Ascension Since Last Fall Is Desire Result of Desire to Take Leadership Role | Football | Lincoln Journal-Star

If Jaimes isn’t ready, Austin seemingly has ample confidence in Bando. In fact, Austin said, Bando has made more progress than any Nebraska offensive lineman in the system since Husker coach Scott Frost and his staff arrived in late 2017 from Central Florida.

How Do the Huskers Decide Who to Redshirt? They Start By Looking at Special Teams. | Football | Omaha World-Herald

If a Husker can be a “four-core” guy — contributing on each kickoff and punt unit — and provide occasional relief on offense or defense, then he will likely be on the field sooner. Coaches may even scheme when to play someone based on a specific opponent and matchup.

Carriker Chronicles: Darrion Daniels on the Blackshirts’ Success, Playing for Mike Gundy and Scott Frost | Football | Omaha World-Herald

On Wednesday’s episode, Adam Carriker talks to senior captain Darrion Daniels about the Blackshirts’ success in 2019, playing with his brother, Damian Daniels, the different coaching styles of Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy and NU coach Scott Frost and more.

Former Husker Jordan Burroughs Eyes Gold at 2019 World Wrestling Championships | Wrestling | Omaha World-Herald

The 31-year-old Burroughs took bronze last year and comes in seeded second in his weight class, behind Italy’s Frank Chamizo. Chamizo, who lost to Burroughs at last year’s worlds, won a bronze medal at the 2016 Olympics.

Husker Hoops Team Partners With ‘The Program’ | Basketball | Lincoln Journal-Star

The Program has famously partnered with Nebraska football twice since Scott Frost became head coach. In June, the Huskers released a video showing a part of the work The Program put the Huskers through.

Huskers Prepare for Illinois Pass Rush | Football |

“Yeah we’re getting better each week,” Walters said. “Week two, we were better than we were week one, week three we were better than week two. So we’ve got to take the next step this week. We can’t turn the ball over. One is too many. We need to make sure we have ball security...”

Husker Walk-On Q&A: Jeremiah Stovall | Football |

Jeramiah Stovall is a fifth-year senior who earlier this week became the second Nebraska football walk-on this semester to earn a scholarship. A graduate of Creighton Prep High School in Omaha, Stovall has been one of the Huskers’ top special teams performers, and last season was named the team’s special teams player of the year.

HBO Officially Announces Four-Episode 24/7 College Football Series | Football | Awful Announcing

HBO officially announced their college football 24/7 series, which was rumored a month ago. The initial report listed Penn State, Arizona State, Washington State, and Alabama as the four programs that would be featured, but the fourth team will actually be Florida instead of Alabama.

Travel and More

United Airlines Is Giving 18-22 Year Olds A Discount on Flights | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

The promotion is valid for passengers 18 to 22 years old who have a United MileagePlus account and book a flight for one person in United’s app. This deal is bookable from now until December 31.

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You Could Get Paid to Move to Italy and Start Your Own Business | Travel | Travel and Leisure

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Jayesh Patel was stopped by airport officials for trying to go through the security line with a fake passport and wearing a disguise. Patel, a 32-year-old man, was dressed in a white outfit, had dyed his hair and beard white, and arrived in a wheelchair in order to try and fool agents into thinking he was an 81-year-old man.

Two Tourists Arrested for ‘Thermal Trespassing’ After Approaching Old Faithful | Travel | Travel and Leisure

According to park officials, two men were spotted on video approaching the geyser on Tuesday. Other bystanders captured the scene, where the two men reportedly crossed over the protection fence and even put their face over the geyser’s opening

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Has Science Let Radiation Scare Us to Death? | Science | Undark

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Dark Crystals: The Brutal Reality Behind a Booming Wellness Craze | Lifestyle | The Guardian

Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world, but beneath its soil is a well-stocked treasure chest. Rose quartz and amethyst, tourmaline and citrine, labradorite and carnelian: Madagascar has them all. Gems and precious metals were the country’s fastest-growing export in 2017 – up 170% from 2016, to $109 million.

The Secret History of Fort Detrick, the CIA’s Base for Mind-Control Experiments | History | POLITICO

Suburban sprawl has engulfed Fort Detrick, an Army base 50 miles from Washington in the Maryland town of Frederick. Seventy-six years ago, however, when the Army selected Detrick as the place to develop its super-secret plans to wage germ warfare, the area around the base looked much different. In fact, it was chosen for its isolation.

Inside the Most Brutal Dictatorship You Have Never Heard Of | Politics | GQ UK

Burundi in East Africa is one of the world’s poorest countries – and perhaps the most ignored. The scene of historic ethnic conflict, its messianic president offers stability to an international community terrified of another genocide in the region. But the police state he has finessed now tortures, rapes and kills with near impunity.

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