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FanPulse Poll Week Three: Not Many Changes for Big Ten Teams

Seven B1G teams remain in the SBNation fan poll. Nebraska didn’t do enough to move back into the rankings.

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NCAA Football: Arizona State at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

There appears to have been some issues with the program that emailed the ballots this past weekend. They are working on finding out what happened, so if you (like me) didn’t get your ballot, we are hoping it is fixed soon! If you haven’t signed up yet, SIGN UP HERE.

In the top five, LSU and Oklahoma switched spots compared to where they were in week 2. Florida moved from #7 to #10 after a tighter-than-expected tussle with Kentucky. Utah has entered the top 10 after being #12 last week.

In Big Ten news, Ohio State remains at #6 and doesn’t look like they have many chinks in their armor. Michigan dropped from #10 to #11 during their bye week. Wisconsin moved from #13 to #16 despite a bye week (they outscored their first two opponents 110-0). Penn State dropped a spot to #14 after they needed a last second defensive stand to fend off Pitt. Iowa moved up from #20 to #18 after beating a previously-ranked Iowa State team - or rather that Iowa State beat themselves in Cob-worthy fashion. Michigan State and Maryland both lost and fell three spots as a result. The team that beat the Spartans, Arizona State entered the top 25 this week.

Also receiving votes:

  • Army
  • USC
  • TCU
  • Kansas State
  • Cal

Nebraska’s dominant win over Northern Illinois was a step in the right direction, but not enough to attract the attention of voters (nor should it have been). The “W” drove the confidence numbers back over 90% (from 72% a week ago).

So, what are your thoughts about this week’s poll? Surprised Maryland is still in there? (Me too). Surprised Iowa State isn’t even receiving votes anymore after losing to a ranked Iowa team? (Me too).