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Hoiberg Flakes: Fall Is Around The Corner

Sweater weather time

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BRUCE BISPING ¥ Bruce Bisping/Star Tribune. Chaska, MN., Friday, 12/9/2005. (left to right) Fred and Carol Hoiberg talked about the following weeks activities for the family while in the kitchen. Photo by BRUCE BISPING/Star Tribune via Getty Images

We didn’t have much of a summer here in Nebraska. It got hot at times but not nearly what we normally have. I’m blaming Zoroaster. He must be upset about something.

Can we do something to keep him happy?



Anywho, fall is coming early and while the crops need the heat it is nice to have the cool evenings again.

Mankilling Mastodons

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Yellow Journalism

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Auditory Enlightenment

Monday Haiku

Our line needs some work

It won’t happen overnight

Need more Ovaltine