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Nebraska Leads Northern Illinois 30-5 At Half

we are winning because we are winners.

Northern Illinois v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

This game started in the most horrific way. Because of a game delay for el assico, the game between Iowa - Iowa State, our beloved Huskers were switched to Fox Business Channel. Switching their early lead to Lou Dobbs, which no human alive should watch. I say that as a person who does not give a whole shit about politics but about your safety.

Nebraska 3-0

Isaac Armstrong hit a 36-yard field goal. This is amazing because he is a pretty good punter and all the kickers we have are hurt. I have asked around, and there is not a disease that is specifically infecting kickers, so it must be our bad luck.

Nebraska 10-0

Maurice Washington receives a 21-yard pass from Adrian Martinez.

Nebraska 16-0

Maurice Washington explodes on an inside run for 60 yards. Armstrong’s PAT is blocked.


At this point Northern Illinois has five drives with:

3 PUNTS, 1 Fumble, 1 Turnover On Downs

Nebraska 16-3

Joh Richardson scores on a 45-yard field goal for the Huskies.

Nebraska 23-3

Dedrick Mills goes right up the middle for 24 yards.


And gets nothing.

We clearly have a problem with kicking field goals.

Nebraska 23-5 - Nebraska Safety

Illinois quick-kicks the ball down inside the five. Nebraska runs a swing pass to Maurice Washington. Austin Allen doesn’t block well. End result, safety.

Nebraska 30-5

Kanawai Noa 27 yd PASS from Adrian Martinez PAT KICK by Lane McCallum (GOOD)