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CornNation Loses Your Money: Huskers vs. Northern Illinois Predictions

College football’s worst prediction roundtable brings HOTSPROTAKES to this weekend’s matchups.

Exploring The Las Vegas Strip Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

Mike: Usually week three of the season is a craptastic spectacular of body bag games to fill the hole in the schedule prior to the start of the conference season, but this year, there are a few good games this week.

Jill: My Kool-Aid is sad and lonely on its forgotten corner of the counter. There is a little island of mold floating around in it. I can’t bring myself to throw it out just yet, but I definitely am not drinking that stuff.

Patrick: We are still a volleyball state.

SpartyOnHuskers: Wow... it’s a good thing I’ve never gone to Vegas. I am terri-bad at this, but that shouldn’t be a surprise. At any rate, this weekend will likely end with history made in EL that I can’t wait to see happen!

Uglydog56: never let accuracy get in the way of a good prediction!

Andy: I think there are literally zero games with ranked teams playing each other and Gameday is in Ames for a game on Fox Sports. This is college football’s bye week.

UCF (-8.5) at Stanford

Uglydog56: Interesting spread. I'd like to see a knight chop down a tree with his sword. I've been binging Forged in Fire, so I know how hard it is to do. Still like UCF in this one.

Jill: Stanford has been such a solid (okay, boring) program that it is hard to pick against them playing a G5 opponent. I’m going to do it anyway. Knights by 10.

Patrick: Will this be a blowout? I’m having a hard time gauging the PAC-12. University of Central Florida 37 Stanford University 21

Mike: This is the biggest name UCF has played in the regular season since Frosty’s first team got boned in the Big House. But I think UCF has upgraded their program and Stanford is definitely having a rebuilding year. Knights 48, Tree 17

SpartyOnHuskers: I picked Stanford last week and that was clearly a bad life decision. Besides, I am bias toward UCF’s mascot. Knights 35 Stanford 17

Andy: Betting against Stanford worked last week and whether it’s Frost or Heupel at the helm the Knights play Power 5 teams tough and Stanford is not strong this year. UCF has gone away from Notre Dame’s transfer dreck with Dillon Gabriel at QB and has multiple options at RB. Knights 44 The Tree 27

TCU (-2.5) at Purdue

Uglydog56: Horny toad sunning on a train track? Gonna get smooshed. Horny toad in the boiler's feedwater piping? Gonna gum up the works but good. What's this all mean? If the TCU offense gets humming, they win this one. If Purdue's passing game gets them rolling down the track, smoosh! Purdue in a shootout.

Jill: Purdue playing a Big 12 team...they are going to hoard all the points! (It’s okay, Nebraska isn’t using their anyway.) This one is difficult to guess without knowing if Sindelar is a “go” or not. When in doubt, pick the home team, right? Boilers in a squeaker.

Patrick: Hey, it’s Purdue vs. TCU. Fun times... Purdue University 23 Texas Christian University 21

Mike: The Boilers looked a lot better last week against Vandy, but are down their top linebacker and team captain and maybe their starting quarterback as well. TCU opened their season with a meaningless game against Arkansas Pine Bluff and a bye, so who knows what the Frogs will bring. Gimme the Frogs in this one. TCU 41, Purdon’t 28.

SpartyOnHuskers: Sindelair is out? Or he will be playing? Either way, the train probably derails after running into horned frogs littering its tracks. TCU 42 Purdue 31

Andy: Evenly matched teams but this just feels like a game that Purdue will find a way to lose. Naturally, this is hunch that I shan’t be backing with any actual cash. TCU 44 Shot & A Beer 38

Kansas State (+7.5) at Mississippi State

Uglydog56: I don't know much about this one. I've heard Kansas State's new coach is someone to watch. I'll pick him.

Jill: I had a part time campus job when I was in college. My boss went to school at MSU and played football for them for four years. He was a nice person. Bulldogs by 8.

Patrick: Interesting game. It’s the little brothers of each respective state who is currently better than the big. Cotton vs. Wheat. Mississippi State University 28 Kansas State University 17

Mike: I think K-State will be just fine under former North Dakota State coach Chris Klieman eventually, but this week, I think Mississippi State has too much going on for them. Hail State 34, Willie’s Power Towels 24.

SpartyOnHuskers: That other MSU is sanctioned and can’t go to a bowl. Oops. Guess we won’t get more cowbell for a change. K-State had an openly gay player like two years ago now, so that was cool. Why can’t we get somebody out who isn’t a lineman or a kicker, though? Is it too much to ask out of 130 FBS teams, or even of all the FCS, just one of them find a good looking guy to play QB and have him play for “the other team” for a change? Not “MSU” 35 K-State 21

Andy: Both quads’ schedules have basically consisted of high school teams thus far, so it’s tough to get a read. Speaking of reading, the Wildcats will be heading to a part of the country where few people do and be treated to a Saturday paper in which front page news is told in cartoons. This will unsettle them. Miss St 31 K-State 23

Iowa (-2.5) at Iowa State

Uglydog56: Gag.

Jill: Even though this one is going to be in Ames and I want the Cyclones to win, I’m going to pick the boring unwatchable team. Hawkeyes by 3.

Patrick: ¡El Assico! ESPN estará allí, pero ¿alguien más? University of Iowa 10 Iowa State University 8

Mike: Iowa State dropped a turd against 1-AA Northern Iowa last week...but Northern Iowa has a bunch of Iowa kids who really wanted that game. This week, the roles are reversed. Iowa State wants this one badly. GameDay is in town for the first time ever, and ISU has had two weeks to prepare for this one. Clones 38, Squawks 24

SpartyOnHuskers: Don’t care. Won’t watch. All my focus in this game time-slot will be on stomping Arizona State, where kickoff will be roughly 30 degrees colder than in Tempe last season. Everyone loses who watches this game.

Andy: Iowa is 2-0 and ranked so this absolutely feels like the type of game which will leave their fans weeping in their Natty Lites while they spend the evening grousing about how the refs “screwed us rotten”. This is always a good thing. Also, this game is almost always just flat painful to watch. Cyclones 11 Pigeons 8

Northern Illinois (+14) at Nebraska

Uglydog56: on Monday, I was ready to pick NIU. However, after reading Husker Mike's excellent preview. they seem to be searching for an identity on offense. That can be exploited by the surprisingly good Husker defense. Good guys win in a low scoring affair that answers no questions generated the first two weeks.

Jill: Stares at moldy Kool-Aid...will we get treated to four quarters of competent offense this week? Probably not. It will be uncomfortably close for three quarters. The defense continues to bust their asses to disrupt the opposing team, Coach Frost remembers he’s got a Porsche rather than a Buick in the fourth quarter. The betting line looks about right. Huskers by 14.

Patrick: Eh, why not become a homer at this point? I mean, does anyone really have any clue what will happen this game? University of Nebraska 48 Northern Illinois University 23

Mike: Nebraska would have beaten NIU two years ago with anything that remotely resembled a competent offense. Nebraska is much better than they were two years ago; I can’t say the same thing about the Huskies. This has to be the week we see things start coming together, right? Huskers 49, Huskies 16.

SpartyOnHuskers: Huskies are probably not doing much in the MAC this season. Directional Illinois and Illinois over the next two games won’t do much to help the guys get ready to try and make it a game against aOSU, but the wins will be nice. UNL 38-NIU 17

Andy: The sky fell last week but it sounds like we put it back together in decent shape and if we take a deep breath, it’s obvious that there was some improvement from Week 1 to Week 2. Remember South Alabama? Nothing that happened in that game had anyone brimming with confidence before heading to Boulder.

Things will tighten up a little more. Adrian will make better decisions and get a new face or two involved. With the offense humming, the defense will put together four solid quarters. Some big plays will pop and - wait for it -...........


Scott Frost is off the crazed firing line for a week, can I get a damn hallelujah???
Huskers 40 NIU 17