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HUSKER Q & A: Jay Foreman - Playing for Tom Osborne And Impressions of 2019 Nebraska Football

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Husker great Jay Foreman answers some questions about his past and the 2019 Huskers

Jay Foreman

Jay Foreman is a recent inductee to the Nebraska Foot Hall of Fame after an all-conferee career as a Husker and a lengthy NFL career.

The son of an NFL legend, Chuck Foreman of the Minnesota Vikings, he recently took a few minutes to talk with us about the current Husker team and playing for Tom Osborne.


*1995--As a redshirt freshman he started every game at SAM linebacker on a National Championship team.

*1996--As a sophomore he moved to middle linebacker and was 6th on the team in tackles and had 2 interceptions, including a pick-six.

*1997--On a national championship team he was 2nd on the team in tackles with 61 and earned All Big 12 honors.

*1998--Again earning All Big 12 honors he was 2nd on the team in tackles with 97 and had 6 QB hurries while being a captain.

*He was drafted by the Buffalo Bills and played for four teams in a nine year career that included 5 straight seasons with 100 tackles. Also, he was a team captain with the Houston Texans.

Impressions of the Nebraska defense so far in 2019?

They are improved no doubt over 2018 with more big plays. A big thing so far is yards per carry against them is way down. And it goes to more experience with the older Daniels and more depth across the defensive line than they had last year.

Guys that stand out early?

Cam Taylor-Britt for one, the Davis twins and Alex Davis too who some forget about. And JoJo Domann as well has made some plays and maybe a bigger piece going forward.

The Colorado finish for the D?

They played well for three quarters and then got hit with the flea flicker and Colorado just made some plays, that’s football. Overall not a bad day, but just the tackling wasn’t as crisp late in the game it was early versus the Buffs and it cost them.

Offense after two games?

At times a better rhythm for Nebraska. Also, they are learning on the job overall. They have a good QB but he is still young and many new guys on the offense. They need to hunker down and limit turnovers too.

Thoughts on the offensive line specifically?

They are a work in progress. At times they look impressive and at times it looks some guys that haven’t played much Power 5 football. And that is to be expected with multiple new guys on the line. Right now, it’s just about getting reps for the newer starters and getting rolling as unit.

Are some maybe expecting too much with being good in both the run game and pass pro for the OL?

Maybe a little bit so soon as only still start of the second year for the new staff. I think what people want is Ohio State where they can spread you out, but when they need to be physical to ice a game, they can. Now OSU had five, six years of Urban Meyer and his recruiting too, but that is where you want to go with that type of offense.

OK, onto your career, impression of Nebraska growing up?

Good teams that always lost to Miami in the Orange Bowl. My dad played at Miami, so, a bit more tuned into them.

First impression of Tom Osborne?

Just an icon that Coach Osborne was from seeing him on TV all those big bowl games. Also, how tall he was when he came to my house in high school.

First impression of Charlie McBride?

What struck me was how intense, hard-nosed Charlie was, like the Vikings defensive coordinator when I was growing up and I was a ball boy for them. But to be the focus of that was a bit different than watching it from the sidelines. And I liked him a lot from the start.

Frosh moment maybe where you felt overwhelmed?

I redshirted like most everybody back then. To me it was just being behind physically so much as I had never really lifted weights in high school. In 1994 I just saw L.P., the OL, and just huge men and was a bit taken back, but I got in the weight room that year.

Moment in a game you arrived a bit as a player?

It was probably the Michigan State game my redshirt freshman year (1995) going on the road. I didn’t dominate or anything but they were a good team and we pulled away from them. I was in on some tackles and made some plays. It was a nice confidence booster for me as our first game that year wasn’t too tough a test as we beat Oklahoma State pretty handily.

But really it was in practice as if you could handle our offense with how good we were, Saturdays would take care of themselves.

First impressions of Scott Frost?

He had it a little tough in 1995 on the scout team but he never complained. Christian (Peter) and some of the Blackshirts were rough on him but he kept coming back every day.

Frost as a player?

He had a good year overall in 1996 but we had some pieces to replace and didn’t repeat as National Champions. And following Tommie (Frazier) wasn’t easy, so lots of pressure.

But in spring ball the next year, he was confident and it showed. He had a great year stat-wise in 1997, but also as a leader too, and we win the National Championship.

A little fun, who was the offensive lineman with the least athletic ability?

Lots of guys to pick from…but (Matt) Hoskinson no question and he talked the most s___ too. How does that happen?

OK, they all were athletic. And Matt was too and what got him playing time was being versatile and flexible with playing multiple positions. He saw the field a fair amount for some great offensive lines.

But they were all a little lazy and always wanted to cut block the faster and more athletic defensive players.