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Nebraska Football Practice Report August 9: Scott Frost Talks About Depth and Having Fun

The head coach got his turn to talk to the media after practice on Friday. Spoiler: Everyone is playing better than last year and doing good things in practice.

Jon Johnston

The head coach himself made a podium appearance after Friday’s practice. As always, these are the best I could do in typing these “quotes” as I listened. They are not exact. If you want something clarified or want the exact quotes, let me know in the comments and I can go back an listen to the audio.

On JoJo Domann:

He was back with us today. We didn’t have him on the 110 originally. He stayed home a couple extra days for rehab. We picked a date that we both thought would be good for him to return.

On the linebackers:

I’m pleased with our backers. Alex Davis looks good...

Several others were mentioned including Caleb Tannor, JoJo and Tyrin Ferguson (but I didn’t catch exactly what he said).

More on Alex Davis:

Alex has always had the skill and gifts. With him it was just getting comfortable with the position. He hasn’t played football all his life...he was thinking too much...looks better in pass rush...if he plays like he’s practicing, he’ll have a good year

On his expectations and if the team is meeting them

I wouldn’t tell you it was great even if it was great

The most honest coach-speak ever! (above)

It is better, but we can’t stop improving

I’m having fun coaching this wasn’t always fun coaching last year...they’re smiling, they’re working hard

On effort:

We’ve had talks two nights in a row about slowing them down...we have to worry about injuries...I’d rather coach a team I have to slow down rather than the other way

On the defensive backs:

Fish has done a great job with the DBs. They’ve gone to work and they know what they’re doing. This group has made such a 180...there’s good things happening back there...of course DBs look better when everyone else is doing their job...don’t have to cover as long

He mentioned several by name including Lamar Jackson, Marquel Dismuke, Cam Taylor, and others.

On what statistics he wants to see improved

Wins...Turnovers...We’ve talked to our defense about getting us the ball back. The other one I want to see improvement is three and outs (in reference to the defense getting off the field).

On the offense and turnovers

We had one day where there was a rash of fumbles...we can’t have that, but they aren’t reckless. Some of those were after the whistle, guys going after it.

The only thing that ever made Coach Osborne mad enough in practice to say Dadgummit was turnovers

On the quarterbacks - specifically the backup spot

Overall, Coach Frost said they feel a lot better than last year when they entered some games with only one or two healthy guys.

Noah is doing good things...throwing it as well as I’ve ever seen it.

Luke is making plays, especially with his legs

Bunchy has improved and Matt Masker is making some good plays

On the running backs

I’m pleased...Dedrick Mills especially has come in and conducted himself like a pro...he knows the offense better than I expected. Mo is step faster than he was. Wyatt Mazour is doing good things.

On receivers

Receiver is another place where I feel like we’re night and day better. JD is JD. Andre Hunt is better...(several others were mentioned by name but it was too fast for me to catch them all - Mike Williams was one)

On versatility in the backfield

Some of the versatility is going to help us scheme and help us defend against knicks. if some guys get hurt in the backfield, we can move some guys there...receivers too. If we have to play with two tight ends on the field...the depth is going to help us