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Of Bangarangs & Daggers Episode 13: The Road To Italy

Pasta, Romans, and Nebrasketball

In this week’s episode our world travelers embark on a mission to Italy. There they battled the mighty forces of Europe on the hard court and won their first battle. Yes, it was to a team that was in line more with a JV squad but who really cares.

Nate gives us a rundown of what he saw for what little time he had watching. Since the internet gave us about 30 minutes before tip-off we consider that lucky. There are highs and lows that we get into early in the episode.

The second half of the episode Patrick & Nate give us their top 5 last means. No extras, just entrees.

So, what would your last meal be? Runza? Valentino’s pizza? Chances “R” salad?

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