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Nebraska Football Practice Report - August 5

Defensive coordinator Erik Chinander and defensive coaches were at the podium today. One key cog in the defense hasn’t been cleared for fall camp.

As with all of my practice report “quotes” these are typed in real time and are not exact - they are the best I can do with how quickly they answer and move on to different topics. If you want me to clarify one or get exact wording on one, let me know in the comments.

There wasn’t much meat today and the live stream only included Coach Chinander. I didn’t get to hear any of the other defensive assistants. There were a few tweets and I included them at the end.

Erik Chinander

The live stream didn’t start right away, so I missed the first few minutes.

On JoJo Domann

“He can do a lot of can blitz him, you can cover him, he gives you a lot of flexibility...”

Unfortunately, it appears he won’t be on the practice field right away.

On which offensive players that are showing up

Adrian Martinez is giving us a lot of problems, Wandale Robinson is giving us a lot of problems...their [the offense] skill players look good

Other names were mentioned including JD Spielman and Dedrick Mills

My favorite quote of the day

“We’ve played a lot of underwear football”

On generating turnovers

“I think we’re way ahead, we’ve grabbed some interceptions, ripped some balls loose - if that continues we can be a good turnover unit”

But he went on to say that if they get satisfied or complacent, they won’t.

On focus

“To me, the hardest thing as a player is to dial in during walkthroughs. There’s been tremendous improvement. I’m not seeing wandering eyes and not seeing guys poking their buddy and giggling - the focus is good.”