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Nebraska Leads South Alabama 14-7 At Half


Nebraska v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

WANDALE ROBINSON got his first career kickoff return to start the game. He dropped the ball. Then he returned it 11 yards.

7-0 Dedrick Mills, one yard run

Dedrick Mills got his first career Nebraska touchdown, scoring from one yard out after a previous touchdown was called back under review. Scoring Drive - 9 plays, 81 yards, key play a 42 yard reception from Adrian Martinez to Jack Stoll.

7 - 7

Nebraska’s JD Spielman fair caught a punt at the 11-yard line. Then the offense did nothing! NOTHING! Except that Martinez almost threw a pick. Nebraska punted to their own 41. The Blackshirt defense held the Jaguars, but a personal foul on Deontai Williams for a late hit out-of-bounds extended the drive. Then the Huskers tackling turned to poop along with their angle taking. Drive - 9 plays, 41 yards, key play, stupid penalty on Nebraska.


Lamar Jackson hit quarterback Cephus Johnson on a blitz, Johnson coughing up a fumble like a 65-year old chain smoker. Carlos Davis covered it and the offense was on!

But it wasn’t. Nebraska center Cameron Jurgens had been sending the snaps a little high throughout the guy, and then he sent one flying - like a 65-year old chain smoker flicks a used butt - high over Martinez’ head.

Nebraska punted and flipped the field position.

14-7 - Dedrick Mills on a one yard run!

South Alabama punted to the Nebraska 42. Our beloved Huskers wound their way slowly down the field, poorly executing the running play up the middle.

Drive: 12 plays, 42 yards.

Key play, going for it on 4th and 2 AND RUNNING THE BALL WHEN WE’VE SUCKED RUNNING THE BALL SO FAR, kinda like a 65-year old chain smoker has sucked his life away. Another key play: South Alabama’s DJ Daniels pulling down Kanawai Noa in the end zone, giving our beloved Huskers a first down on the two.

Let’s Sum Up The First Half of 2019


High Snaps - Big Loss = Brand new guy at center who was injured and didn’t practice a lot

Illegal Motion = True freshman playmaker

Can’t run the ball up the middle = new center, high snaps throwing off timing, maybe a poor offense line - we really don’t know

One perspective: this is horrible

Another perspective: our coaches know where we suck and they’re working directly on those things. Coaches don’t care if we win by 40. Fans do.