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Frosted Flakes: Have You Ever Been Inspired to Travel Somewhere Because of a Movie or TV Show?

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Skellig Michael became a hot tourism destination in Ireland after Star Wars was filmed there.
Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

Surprise! I’m doing a travel flakes on Tuesday this week since today I am starting a three-day hike in the heart of Ecuador which finishes at Quilotoa Lagoon. Obviously I won’t be bringing my laptop. After the trek, I will be heading back to Quito for the weekend. From there, I will be meeting up with my younger brother and we will be spending a week traveling together through Ecuador before he flies back to Miami. It will be the first time we are traveling together as adults so I’m reading looking forward to it.

One of the articles I posted in Flakes is about Lithuania seeing an increase in tourists because of HBO’s Chernobyl. I spent about a week traveling through Lithuania last year and was really enjoyed learning about the history of Vilnius and attending a cultural festival in Kaunas. There is also lots of abandoned Soviet stuff there that are starting to become popular attractions so I guess it makes sense as to why HBO decided to film there.

A lot more people visit Albuquerque thanks to Breaking Bad, Northern Ireland thanks to Game of Thrones, and Ireland’s Skellig Michael (the picture above) has received more visitors since Star Wars filmed there.

Therefore I am curious to know if you have ever visited a destination because of a movie or tv show? Is it something you are considering the near future? I am excited to read all of your answers! Anyways onto Flakes...

Frosted Flakes

Nebraska Football Depth Chart for South Alabama Released and Blackshirts Awarded | Football | Corn Nation

Scott Frost and the Husker coaching staff released the first depth chart of the season. There aren’t a ton of surprises but some interesting things to take away nonetheless.

Huskers Award Blackshirts In Unique Ceremony With Nebraska Legends | Football | Omaha World-Herald

One by one after practice, former Blackshirts shared with current players what the black tops mean to them. Among the past NU standouts present were Chris Kelsay, Chad Kelsay, Jason Peter, Marc Munford, Tony Veland, Kenny Wilhite, Keyuo Craver, Zack Bowman, Jay Foreman, Steve Warren and Barrett Ruud.

Huskers press conference: Scott Frost says Huskers are ‘better at every single position group’ | Football | Omaha World-Herald

“I think we’re going to be better on special teams and more talented. And that’s all great. But we have to go out as a team and play like we’ve been practicing and try to earn some wins.”

Red Report: A ‘Wow’ Per Day from Martinez; Reactions from New Captains; Future Week Zero? | Football | Lincoln Journal Star

“We just need (Martinez) to play like he’s been practicing,” Frost said. “He’s way more comfortable in the offense, obviously he has the talent to make any play he needs to on the football field. Now we just need to be efficient and have that at a high rate.”

JUCO Transfer Mills Has Big Expectations After Seeing Name Atop Depth Chart | Football | Lincoln Journal Star

“My expectations for the season, I would probably say, is up to 1,500 (rushing) yards or more if I can get it -- with the help of my O-line and my quarterback.”

Carriker Chronicles: Are the Huskers Overrated or Underrated In Preseason Polls | Football | Omaha World-Herald

Adam Carriker looks at preseason college football polls and discusses whether this season’s high expectations make Nebraska underrated or overrated heading into 2019.

Three Huskers Named to Preseason All-Big Ten Team | Volleyball |

Nicklin Hames, Lauren Stivrins and Lexi Sun were all voted to the 14-player preseason team by the conference’s head coaches.

Huskers Picked to Finish Second in Big Ten Preseason Poll | Volleyball | Hail Varsity

Despite opening the season at No. 2 in the AVCA Coaches Poll behind reigning champion Stanford, Nebraska volleyball was picked to finish second in the Big Ten in the conference’s preseason coaches poll.

Start of Season Ahead of Schedule for Nebraska Volleyball Team | Volleyball | Lincoln Journal Star

The first two weeks of practice for the Nebraska volleyball team have been different from other seasons, and could help the Huskers operate at a higher level when they play their first match on Friday against Creighton.

John Cook Previews the Opening Weekend for Husker Volleyball | Volleyball | Hail Varsity

“This week, we’ve got four great teams here,” Cook said. “All these teams have high expectations this year and it should be a great opening weekend tournament.” The series against Creighton has grown more and more competitive over the last few years as Coach Kirsten Bernthal Booth has elevated her program into perennial top-25 status.

Travel and More

The 25 Most Awe-Inspiring Waterfalls on Earth | Travel | Travel and Leisure

Managing what is considered the most comprehensive record of waterfalls in the world, Bryan Swan, along with the cofounder of the site, Dean Goss, has accumulated an ever-evolving multimedia archive of photographs, data, maps, and materials.

10 of Earth’s Most Alien Landscapes | Science | National Geographic

Earth is anything like life as we know it, it’ll find a way to populate even the most improbable landscapes. Here, volcanic lakes, acid pools, desiccated basins, and subterranean caverns are no match for biology.

Qantas is Testing the New World’s Longest Flight: 19 Hours in the Air | Travel | Washington Post

Two of the flights will take off in New York and go to Sydney, which Qantas says will be the first time a commercial airline flies that route directly. The other will go from London to Sydney, only the second time a commercial airline has operated that flight.

The New Nomads Are Here — Here’s How They Travel | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

Meet the New Nomads, who don’t journey simply to escape—but to find, engage, connect. We measure our carbon footprints and follow the paths mapped by our DNA and a generation of reality TV.

Architect Must Pay Venice For Designing a Bridge That Isn’t Tourist-Friendly | Travel | Lonely Planet

A world-renowned architect was fined by an Italian court for designing a bridge over the Grand Canal in Venice that was seemingly unequipped to handle the city’s volume of tourists.

Lithuania Enjoys Boost In Tourism Following Chernobyl TV Series | Travel | Lonely Planet

The Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant in eastern Lithuania has doubled as Chernobyl during filming. Similarities with the design of the Chernobyl reactors made this an authentic filming location. Ignalina’s plant closed down fully in late 2009 as a requirement ahead of Lithuania joining the European Union.

Future Proofing the Faroe Islands | Travel | Rough Guides

“Closed for Maintenance, Open for Voluntourism” – that was the message of the inaugural weekend of action across the Faroe Islands in spring 2019. It was the first big step towards future-proofing the Faroe Islands, initiating projects at popular tourist spots and proving that a lot can be accomplished when like-minded people work together.

Here’s What Tourists Might See If They Were Allowed To Visit Gaza | Travel | NPR

It’s not easy to find a tour guide in Gaza. Even clerks at the local Tourism Ministry, a vestige of the 1990s that remarkably still exists, struggle to recommend professional guides, before suggesting a man who hasn’t led tourists around for 20 years.

Disney Is Getting A Star Wars Hotel | Hotels | Travel & Leisure

The attraction will be an all-inclusive experience for guests. Visitors can check-in for two-night stays on the “glamorous starship” known as the Halcyon. There, they will mingle with characters and take part in the ship’s story.

Maxlimer: The Robot Ship Set to Cross the Atlantic and Change the World | Environment | Daily Beast

Maxlimer could be the first unmanned surface vessel to make the vaunted crossing —opening the way for a new generation of oceangoing drones, cutting prices and carbon footprints.

Nepal Is Banning Single-Use Plastics on Mount Everest | Environment | Conde Nast Traveler

The plastics ban, which would come into effect in January 2020, would be enacted throughout Nepal’s Khumbu region, which includes Mount Everest and its base camps. It would prevent hikers from bringing plastic soft drink bottles and any other single-use plastics under 30 microns thick (0.03 millimeter) into the area.

How Germany Became the Country of Cars | History | BBC

In 1888, Bertha Benz set out to prove that her husband Carl’s Motorwagen was safe and ready to sell. Fast forward, and Germany is still the country of premium cars and car culture.

How Humans Created Color for Thousands of Years | Science | Popular Science

Most of the hues we look at these days come courtesy of 16,777,216 alphanumeric keys called Hex codes; tinting your technicolor digital life is as simple as copying a string of characters. But the shades on this page—and all your off-screen belongings—come from resources we must conscript to create our chosen chroma.

Inside the Twisted, Worldwide Hunt for a $7 Million Stolen Car | Lifestyle | Esquire

Joe Ford, car detective, searches the world for stolen rare automobiles on the black market. The case he’s on now could set him up for life—if he’s not outsmarted by a skilled network of criminals and cheats.