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Corn Nation Roundtable: Nebraska Player Predictions

Time to make predictions about the players that make up the best team in the entire country!

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Who is the Nebraska football player who will win the hearts and minds of the Nebraska faithful this coming year?

Patrick: I believe that that linebacker Luke Reimer has a chance. He is a walk on from Lincoln North Star that is looking at some serious playing time. If he can make the jump and be a constant contributor then I see Husker Nation eating it up.

Jon: Garrett Nelson from Scottsbluff, a true freshman defensive end, because we need a pass rusher so bad it aches. Not an old man ache, either, you bastards, but a heartache, as if there was hope or love there somewhere in your heart and it’s been gone for a while and you wish it would come back. You will feel your heart fill with joy and decide that the world is indeed, a great place to live!

Brianna: Wan’Dale Robinson- Nebraska loves a good running back , you know, Rex Burkhead, Ameer Abdullah, Devine Ozigbo. If Wan’Dale lives up to all the hype that has been around him since he decided to be all N, he will be forever tattooed in the hearts of fans. (I know he is a hybrid running back/receiver. Even better.)

Jill: Who’s the fullback? What!?! #FreeTheFullback

I love all the answers above. I want to say Mo Barry because he’s been the face of “buy in” to the Frost regime. Darrion Daniels might be another player who wins a lot of hearts and minds. But I’m going to go with Cameron Jurgens. A Nebraska-grown offensive lineman. I’m probably picking him a year or two too early (especially considering his recent injury issues) but what Nebraskan doesn’t love their OL?

With the exception of Adrian Martinez, what injury would be the most devastating to the Huskers for the upcoming season?

Patrick: Mo Barry - The linebacker corps are already sketchy coming into the season so losing our top defender from last season will not only hurt the unit but I believe the entire defense as a whole. It is hard to replace good leadership on the field.

Jon: Dedrick Mills - ‘cause we need a slobber-knockin’ running back.

Brianna: I’m going to agree with Patrick on Mo Barry- we need him. He has the leadership that the defense needs and while I feel that he would be vocal even injured, he needs to be on the field.

Jill: Mo Barry is irreplaceable right now, but since two others already mentioned him, I’ll go with the offensive tackles, Brenden Jaimes or Matt Farniok. There isn’t much depth behind them. Bryce Benhart (true freshman) was highly touted but don’t think we want to find out how good he is quite yet.

Nate M: I think it is Dedrick Mills. I would also add Deontai Williams. The depth at safety is not good. Lastly, Spielman. Thank goodness Noa transferred here.

By the end of the season how many 1,000 yard receivers will Nebraska have? If any, and who will they be?

Patrick: Two with JD Spielman and Kanawai Noa. There is a lot of guys to contribute this year so the ball will be in a lot of hands. I’m going to go with these two due to experience.

Jon: Four. Spielman, Noa, McQuitty, and Stoll. It’s AIR NEBRASKA, sunsabitches!

Brianna: All of them! I’m with Jon, if Adrian Martinez is going to have a Heisman winning season let’s get them all at 1,000.

Jill: JD Spielman is at the top of my list (along with everyone else). If Wan’dale Robinson is everything we think, he could end up pretty close as well.

Nate M: I think we will only have one in Spielman. I think Noa and Wandale will likely have 600-800.

Derek Peterson of Hail Varsity wrote an article about a potential “death lineup” on offense that could be deadly this upcoming season. In his “death lineup” he has the following skill players: Adrian Martinez, Maurice Washington, Wandale Robinson, Kanawai Noa, JD Spielman, and Jack Stoll.

Is that your death lineup? Would you add/subtract any players to create your own death lineup?

Patrick: Ozzy Osbourne lead vocals, James Hetfield rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Kerry King lead guitar, Les Claypool bass, and Joey Jordison on drums. Wait......I think I did this wrong. Also I’d like to trade out............never mind. I’m sticking with this lineup. Well, ask me again in an hour. I’m debating trading out Joey with Brann Dailor. Also, really would like Randy Blythe next to Ozzy. Oh man, I hate these.

Jon: A death lineup? I’m offended! I don’t know why, but I’d like to join the latest movement. Oh, Hell, fine. I’m swapping out Washington with Dedrick Mills, and Noa with Jaevon McQuitty.

Brianna: That line up sounds super deadly. I’m in. I also think it is important to look at what would be my food “death line up” while watching these guys. At the game- Valentino’s and Runza. At home, probably street tacos with chips, queso, and guac.

Jill: I think Jack Stoll’s mullet, by itself, counts as a death lineup. I also think that alternating Dedrick Mills with Maurice Washington adds to the effectiveness of the lineup. If Mills can pass pro, even better.

Nate M: Martinez, Washington, Mills, Spielman and Wandale. That would be awesome.

It is looking like there is an opportunity for true freshmen to burn their red-shirt this coming season on defense. Who are you most interested in watching?

Patrick: Noa Pola-Gates in the secondary. Coach Fisher said he’s a freak and can play all over the field. Put a few pound on him and have him start lighting up receivers.

Jon: They can play in four games without burning a redshirt now! Having said that, Wan’Dale Robinson. Can he live up to the hype? Probably not.

Brianna: I’m anxious to see what Quinton Newsome can do.

Jill: The freshman defensive backs seem to be getting a lot of love from the coaches. Linebacker is another place where we could see some freshman, especially Garrett Nelson.

Nate M: Garrett Nelson looks like he wants to rip somebody’s head off. I also only want to see Ty Robinson in only four games. Preserve that kids red-shirt pretty please.

Supposedly Coach Frost has had to tell Deontai Williams to stop hitting so hard in practice. So how many games is he going to be ejected from for targeting?

Patrick: One game because the refs will quickly learn not to mess with him.

Jon: Every other game because no one likes a guy who hits too hard anymore.

Brianna: The first four. After that he’s going to tone it down a little. (Don’t worry, just a little.)

Jill: Two.

Nate M: I’m guessing two.

Besides wins and losses, what has you nervous or scared (you wimp!) about the upcoming season?

Patrick: Injuries. We do not have the talent or depth quite yet to be hit by an injury bug. Key players getting dinged up could make or break this season.

Jon: Not playing the first game. Seriously. You never thought of that until it happened last year. If it somehow happens this year, it’s clear there’s sorcery about. That and the scenario where Nebraska is doing very well, destroying everyone in front of them by a large margin, and then one Friday afternoon, a big “GAME OVER” appears in the sky, and the fucking super beings running this simulation we’re living in stop it, and we never see “Nebraska Is Back” and the season finale because those fuckers hate us. No, they’re not from ESPN. Not from Disney either. “Super Beings”, motherfuckers. “Super Beings”.

Brianna: Nothing. We will be better than last year, if I made it through the first six games and Mike Riley, this season has nothing that can scare me.

Jill: Injuries, lightning and penalties.

Nate M: Wandale turning into Tyjon Lindsey.

What has you excited?

Patrick: Tuesday, November 5th when Nebrasketball takes on UC Riverside to open the season. Other than that, I just look forward to seeing a competitive football team take the field at 1 Memorial. It has been too many years since that has happened.

Jon: The fucking season starting, which was last weekend when Florida beat Miami.

Brianna: Everything. This season has had so much hype and anticipation. I can’t wait to see what we do in a game. Let’s get this thing rolling.

Jill: How wide open the Wild West seems to be right now. This could be an exciting year in the B1G’s “lesser” division.

Nate M: I’m excited to see if the Big Ten can keep up with what we think this offense is going to do. It could get to the point that if our defense keeps the other team under 35, then we win. Wouldn’t that be something.