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College Football Is Back! Week Zero Game Thread of Much Rejoicing!


Savannah State v Miami Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images



I hope you’re all coming back to join us once again here at CornNation because the college football season starts today.

It’s called Week Zero because it’s an appetizer. It’s a helluva appetizer, though, Florida vs Miami being the marquee game of the weekend. If the football isn’t great (and it should be) then at least you can watch the fights!

You’ve got Bo Pelini on the tube today, just in case you’ve missed him and all his sideline antics!

Let us know how you’re doing, how you’ve been, what you’re up to, all that stuff.

Week Zero Games!

Game Time Channel
Game Time Channel
Villanova at Colgate 11:00 AM CBS Sports Network
Samford vs. Youngstown State (Montgomery) 2:00 PM ESPN
Florida vs. Miami (Orlando) 6:00 PM ESPN / ACCN / SECN
Arizona at Hawaii 9:30 PM CBS Sports Network