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Nebraska Football Practice Report August 23: When Alternate Uniforms Are No Longer “Alternate”

The head coach had quite a bit of news today. A walk-on earns a scholarship, the top center is back to full speed, and he has some ideas on expanding the use of “alternate” uniforms

Jon Johnston

Today, the head man took time to talk to the media and update on a walk-on turned scholarship offensive lineman, a lineman returning from injury and some tantalizing tidbits about alternate uniforms and what he’d like to see in the future (Hint: If anyone but Scott Frost proposed this, the state would burn down.)

Usual disclaimer: I’m typing these in real time as I listen live. They are not exact quotes, just my best to get the important points. If you need something clarified or want the exact words, let me know in the comments and I’ll go back and listen to the audio.

Head Coach Scott Frost


...we gave one today...looking at the 85...we have three to give, we gave one to Trent Hixson today...the team was fired up for him

...I thought it would take a while to get the walk-on program to the point we want it, I kind of figured Trent would be the first one...he deserves it

On Team Captains

We’re going to vote on captains today...I don’t want to do it too early...I want the guys to see who steps up during camp...we don’t have a lot of seniors on offense, so it might not be four seniors, but it will be the best two leaders on offense and defense

Hmmm...a certain sophomore quarterback seems to be the frontrunner in my mind here...

On Maurice Washington

Coach made it sound like the process was coming to a point where they could make a decision on his status soon, but that they were waiting for additional word on the legal process before they decide Washington’s status.

Alternate Uniforms

Coach Frost seems to be the one who wanted the Blackshirts-themed alternates.

I thought about this a long time before, even before I came to coach at Nebraska...My next year I hope we have a home and away for alternates...In the future, I’d like to see if the defense holds opponents under a certain number of points they earn the right to wear black shirts next week...

If anyone but Scott Frost proposed that we wear anything but scarlet and cream on a regular basis.../pitchforks and torches. It will be interesting to see if this gains traction. I personally love the idea at first glance.

On the Blackshirts and what it means

I think a big step for understanding it was having Jason and Grant [Wistrom] in last year and their passion...even though they’re old men who are broken and crippled...they still embodied the Blackshirts...this group has come a long way from last year

On improvement from year 1 to year 2

First years are hard...trying to get guys to understand what we expect from them...trying to get them to understand the scheme... Now, on offense, we can go out on the field and call something they haven’t heard of and as long as it fits in the rules, they can still run it...the defense is starting to get to that point now too

He gave an example where the coaches called something that was unfamiliar and the defensive players responded by “is this how you want us to adjust?” and he was pleased that they could process that.

Quarterbacks (Backup)

Two and three is a bit floating right now...we’re going to have a lot of conversations this weekend, not just at quarterback but a lot of positions we’re going to let guys know “get ready to play” or prepare for a redshirt

Noah Vedral and Luke McCaffrey (no surprise) appear to be QB2 and QB3 with the final designation undecided. I would be surprised if the coaching staff doesn’t try to preserve a redshirt year for McCaffrey and use Vedral as QB2 this year, but injuries or factors I know nothing about could always change that.

Who’s at center?

[/groans at bad Abbott and Costello pun]

We started camp one or two guys down...[Coach mentioned most of the ones playing that position by name]...they all did a good job. With that said, we look a little different with Cam Jurgens back and at full speed now...

Depth Chart

We’re going to release a depth chart on Sunday or Monday...don’t read into it too far because things will change...some guys are nicked up we don’t feel good putting them ahead of guys out there all of fall camp...but I expect Cam to be at the top at center

On confidence

We still got to earn anything. We were a 4-8 football team. As much hype...we haven’t done anything yet.

Am I worried about guys being overconfident...I’m not worried, I want them to have expectations...but they have to go out earn it on the field

Injury to defensive lineman Chris Walker

Chris is going to be more extended...patellar tendon...we elected to think about the long term and have surgery so he’ll be out a month or more...

Walker is a sophomore from Lincoln.