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Scott Frost is Betting on Himself in Recruiting

Team recruiting rankings are not very kind to Nebraska at this point but maybe that is all part of the plan

Nebraska v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

After receiving the most recent commitment from running back Sevion Morrison, Nebraska’s recruiting ranking according to 24/7 national composite rankings jumped from 64th to 55th, as written by Brian Christopherson of Nebraska 24/7. Nebraska is currently sandwiched by the following teams: East Carolina, Baylor, Indiana and North Texas.

Instead of being 12th in the Big Ten, they are now 11th.

There have been rumblings from industry experts as well as Nebraska football fans about concerns for this recruiting class. We all know how important recruiting is to winning football games. It could be THE most important facet of winnings because you are not going to win the Kentucky Derby with a donkey.

While there is a reason to be somewhat concerned about the class ranking, I have faith that Nebraska will still end up in the top 20 if not top the 15 by the end of this recruiting cycle.

Those same teams listed above which currently are sandwiching Nebraska have 18, 14, 14, and 17 commits respectively.

After the commitment of Morrison, Nebraska has nine total commitments. In fact, Nebraska is the only team in the top 90 in 24/7’s composite recruiting rankings with less than ten commitments.

Florida International has nine commitments as they are ranked 92nd. Illinois is ranked 94th and they have seven.

It is my belief that Scott Frost is betting on himself and his program. He is being extremely selective at this point. In fact, I would not be surprised if Logan Smothers, Nash Hutmacher, Blaise Gunderson and Sevione Morrison are all bumped up to four star recruits before the first signing day.

Unlike most other programs, Nebraska has been holding off many official visits so they can use them where Nebraska shines: Game Day. Besides just showing off the incredible fan support and facilities game day can illustrate to recruits that Nebraska is going to be a program that wins.

This is Frost betting on himself. They are planning on winning enough so that recruits would forget about the 2018 team that won only four games.

The Big Ten West Division is as close and deep of a division that I have seen in a long time. Every team in the division could probably win it with the exception of Illinois. I do not believe Nebraska will have to win the division for it to have a successful recruiting season.

If we are approaching six wins toward the end of the year then Frost likely loses bet. Then he and the rest of the coaches might be scrambling to fill up the class by the end of the cycle. It could be devastating for building depth in the program.

With all that said, if we are approaching the ten win mark then the bet would be a huge payoff as Frost should have no problems filing the class with talent.