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Frosted Flakes: What Is The Your Favorite Restaurant In The World?

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I finally left Colombia on Tuesday after spending a little over 2.5 months exploring as much of the country as I could. My first full day in Ecuador was spent in the city of Otavalo (famous for the largest outdoor market in South American which takes place on Saturday).

Colombia has its positives and negatives and I had my good travel days and bad travel days. The highlights of my trip in Colombia were meeting the friendly and hospitable people along with exploring the Tatocoa Desert, Cocora Valley and living in the beautiful city of Medellin for a month while taking Spanish and salsa dancing classes. The negatives were losing my cell phone, encountering rude and scammy people (yes Colombia has these people too) and dealing with an interesting variety of inter-city transportation which includes sitting in the back of a truck next to a chicken for three hours to get to my next destination. Although it’s something I can look back and smile about now. It’s all part of the Colombian experience.

I wish I had been able to spend more time in Medellin but I am meeting my younger brother in Ecuador next weekend and we will a spend a week together exploring the highlights of the country.

Food to be one of the focuses in today’s delicious flakes since Travel & Leisure/Food & Wine just released their list of best restaurants from around the world. I thought it will be fun to hear from all the loyal Corn Nation readers about their favorite restaurant.

Although I do stay on a budget and eat lots of pasta during my travels, I still like to sample the different food from each country I visit. I love trying different unique ethnic foods such as Ethiopian, Georgian, Slovakian food.

However, my favorite restaurant right now has to be Havana’s Harry’s in Miami, Florida. It’s an amazing Cuban restaurant that always brings it with a variety of unique flavors and spices that make your mouth water and keep you coming back for more.

What is your favorite restaurant in the world? Have you eaten at any of the restaurants listed on the ‘best restaurants’ list? What are your favorite ethnic foods? Feel free to share everything food and much more in the comments section below.

Anyways onto Flakes..

Frosted Flakes

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