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Nebrasketball Player Profile: Dalano Banton

Fred has himself a nice transfer that should be able to contribute down the road

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: OCT 30 Campbellsville at Western Kentucky Photo by Steve Roberts/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Oh, Canada!

From the Great White North the windswept prairie the Nebraska Cornhuskers have received the services of Dalano Banton. Well, Canada through Western Kentucky where he played one season before transferring, but Canada none the less.

We do not see many Canadians here in the middle of the High Plains. Most go down to Fargo or Detroit and realize that America isn’t much different than them and head back before the snow wall closes. At least, that’s how I picture the events unfolding. As they drive farther north the snow gets deeper. The wind gets stronger. Finally they come up to a large snowman type creature that parts the white abyss that is before them where they cross over into the warm embrace of a Tim Hortons.

If they only knew the wonders that await them just a little farther south.

Dalano has seen the light. Not sure how but this Canuck will call Lincoln home for we can hope will be the final 3 years of his eligibility.

I would not have picked going through Kentucky to make it to Nebraska, but I am not a Canadian. Well, technically he came through Redemption Christian Academy in Troy, NY. That’s roughly 6 hours from his hometown of Toronto.

Which just adds to his American adventure that I stated above. Personally, I would have trekked through the Rockies via Glacier National Park with a stint at Colorado State before heading to the Beef State but to each their own.

Is it a longer journey? Sure, but life is all about the journey. Not the destination, right? Or have I been spending too much time on health blogs written by suburbanites who are trying to find meaning in their lives? You know, the ones that keep the kombucha business still alive.

Any who, the young man sits at 6’8” and a thin 190 pounds. He shall play guard because Nebraska likes guards and recruits a lot of them. Need someone who will fill the four spot? Well, then I have the guard for you. Wait, I said four spot...never mind.

In his freshman season for the Hilltoppers he averaged 3.4 points, 3.0 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game. All while shooting 40% from the floor.

That may not seem like earth shattering numbers, because they are not. However, the kid has potential and it was just his freshmen season. Coming out of high school Dalano was a four star recruit with offers from Western Kentucky, Minnesota, Kansas State, and Massachusetts. He was the number two player in the state of New York and the fifteenth ranked point guard in the nation.

So, with all that said he is hopefully done traveling around the country and will stay with Nebraska. Dalano will be sitting out this year because of transfer rules but should push for playing time in another year.

So, yeah. You just read about a player that you will not see play until 2020.

Enjoy your day.