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Nebraska Football Practice Report August 21

Offensive coordinator Troy Walters talked about practice philosophy going into the season and how many wide receivers are likely to play on game days

Offensive coordinator Troy Walters talked about the receivers and how they will approach practices as the season approaches.

Troy Walters

On the receivers and depth

We’re putting guys in different situations, playing guys in different positions because we want that depth...we had a couple scrimmage and game situations to see how they react...I feel good about how they’re developing...

You like to be at least two deep, you’d like to have six or seven guys you can put in at any time...the focus is on playing fast and selling out...we want guys to go full speed and when they get tired, we’ll sub them out...we’d like to play six, seven, maybe eight if we can

He also mentioned that JD Spielman wouldn’t be playing exclusively in the slot, that he’d play outside too.

On the freshman

I’m pleased with them...I’m especially pleased with how the other guys have responded. They have stepped up and not let the freshman outshine them...we’d like to get some playing time for them [freshman]...

Andre Hunt and Mike Williams (I’m sure others too - I can’t type nearly as fast as coaches can talk) were mentioned by name

On Travis Vokolek (I couldn’t hear the question, but that has to be who was mentioned to get this response from Coach Walters)

Tight end is not an easy fit and blocking, routes...he didn’t get here until the summer...he fits with the room and rest of tight ends...we’re pleased with him

On if practice will be different starting on game week

The competition against the defense has been awesome...going against them has made us better...we don’t want to lose that...ones on ones...iron sharpens iron...but the focus does change to game planning...trying to simulate game atmosphere and the opponent

On Javeon McQuitty

he’s all the way back...he’s confident...he’s not scared of injury...he has made some splash plays at camp, he needs to keep getting better and he’ll get out on the field...

On Mike Williams

Last year Mike played small. He’s a small guy, but he’s got to play big...struggled in blocking and contested catches...this year is a whole new Mike Williams...he’s going against Jackson and Bootle...he’s blocking his butt off and making contested catches...he’s explosive

On overall progress

We feel good about fall camp...we’re night and day different than last year in terms of scheme...the guys know the scheme...we can throw things at them...

Coach Walters indicated practice will continue to be a mix of working on “themselves” and working on what they’ll see from an opponent once the season starts.

...Now it’s about the fundamentals that go along with the scheme...guys are playing faster because they know what to do...we’ve got to get better so in the next week and a half, when Saturday comes, we know what to do

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