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Frosted Flakes: Free Internet, Mammoth Ivory and Historical Haircuts

Ben Stille offers wisdom, the first female president (of Dear Old Nebraska U) is installed, and stealing sand can get you jail time

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Michigan State v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

It is back-to-school time. We sent Ranchhand 1 back to Lincoln and Ranchhands 2 and 3 are into the routine of getting up, doing chores and heading off to school. Next year at this time, I will be sending a second one off to college.

Where does the time go?

Frosted Flakes

Homegrown Husker Ben Stille excited to be part of Nebraska resurgence – The Denver Post
Ben Stille was born in 1997, the year Nebraska won its most recent national championship, and he grew up a half-hour from Memorial Stadium.

Allo offering free service if Huskers win conference championship:
Allo Communications believes "this is the year" for the Nebraska football team.

That is one way to get free advertising.

Cook happy to have Hunter back as coach | Huskers HQ |
To say Nebraska coach John Cook was happy when former Husker All-American Kelly Hunter told him she was interested in joining his staff would be an understatement.

Nebraska's Ben Stille compares being elite with being good | Huskers |
Nebraska's Ben Stille talks with the media after Nebraska's football practice at the Hawks Championship Center in Lincoln, Nebraska, Monday, August 19, 2019.

Nebraska teenager's senior pictures honor father killed in Afghanistan
Julia Yllescas's father died in 2008 when he was fighting for our country in Afghanistan. Now Yllescas is honoring her father in her senior pictures.

Fritz Installed as First Woman President of University of Nebras - NEWS CHANNEL NEBRASKA
LINCOLN - It was a historic day for the University of Nebraska on Friday as Susan Fritz was officially recognized as the first woman to lead the institution. Fritz was installed as the Interim Preside

As high schools kick off, Ruud says Huskers will 'keep evaluating' talented in-state senior class | Recruiting |
In recent months, one of the curiosities surrounding Nebraska football recruiting is whether any further in-state class of 2020 players will earn a scholarship offer from the Huskers.

Senior Soccer Trio on Big Ten Preseason Honors List - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Nebraska's Meg Brandt, Sinclaire Miramontez and Savanah Uveges each received Big Ten Preseason Honors recognition, announced by the conference on Monday.

Marcuzzo Added to Baseball Staff - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Nebraska Baseball Head Coach Will Bolt announced the addition of Danny Marcuzzo to his staff as volunteer assistant and camp coordinator on Monday.

Sportsin’ Stuff Outside the 402/308

Trevor Lawrence: Clemson star leading wave of QB prodigies |
Thanks to a booming legion of private coaches, young quarterbacks like Lawrence are arriving as fully formed stars and taking over college football.

Soccer star Carli Lloyd hits 55-yard FG after Eagles-Ravens joint practice
The Bears seemingly have looked everywhere for a reliable kicker, but maybe, just maybe, there is one kicker they haven’t considered who they should. (I jest . . . I think.)

Source - Lue agrees to deal with Clips to join staff
Doc Rivers has remained close with Ty Lue, who was an assistant on Rivers' staff in Boston and with the Clippers.

More Noise and Other Disturbances

Having Multiple Husbands May Be a 'Wise Strategy' For Women, Claims Study - News18
In certain societies, having multiple husbands can be an advantage for women in difficult times as they can buffer themselves against effects of the economy

One is enough for me.

Soviet Sailor's 1969 Message In A Bottle Washes Ashore In Alaska
Captain Anatoly Botsanenko was in complete disbelief at first, and couldn't hold back tears when he realized that this was indeed his letter.

Sardinia sand stealing: French couple could get six years in prison
A French couple could go to prison for as many as six years after they tried to steal sand off of a beach in Sardinia, Italy, which police found in their car.

Nearly 4 Tons Of Pot Found In Jalapeno Shipment In San Diego : NPR
When U.S. officials opened a trailer full of jalapeno peppers last week, they found something a bit more illicit tucked among the spicy chiles.

Woolly mammoths are extinct. But soon they may be considered ‘endangered.’
ONE OF THE most surprising proposals under discussion at the giant global wildlife trade treaty meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, is about woolly mammoths—creatures that once wandered huge tracts of North America, Europe, and northern Asia—and went extinct more than 4,000 years ago.

Woman finds 3.72-carat yellow diamond at Arkansas state park - ABC News
A 27-year-old woman struck gold when she found a 3.72-carat yellow diamond while exploring an Arkansas state park last week.

Another Week, Another Poop Article

The Key to Saving Starving Koalas Might Be…Their Poop – Mother Jones
Australian researchers reveal they’ve performed the first-ever fecal transplants on a small group of koalas, which resulted in the individuals finally eating their non-preferred food

Then There’s This

How Guillotine Haircuts became all the Rage in France
The accusers would eventually become the accused, ending the Reign of Terror with the execution of Robespierre, and French society would begin to find its way back to normality. Sort of.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!