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Of Bangarangs and Daggers - Episode 15: The Chris Pankonin Interview

The man behind many of our memorable experiences at Nebraska Football, Basketball and Volleyball games

NCAA Basketball: Maryland at Nebraska Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Remember in 2015 when Andy Janovich ripped off that 55-yard touchdown against Wisconsin and then they started playing “Let Me Clear My Throat” and the players started dancing to it and it turned into a big thing?

That was Chris Pankonin.

Or the upset win over Michigan State in 2015 with that crazy scene on the field with the players and crowd dancing.

That was Chris.

If were loving or hating the music at Nebraska events including football, basketball or volleyball then you can thank Chris Pankonin. Chris also played the major role behind the scenes for video production for both volleyball and baseball games.

He was kind enough to give us his time as he gave us a peek behind the curtain.

He considers No Sit Sunday to be the one of his best days at Nebraska.

I also had to ask about the Tunnel Walk. He gave us some background into how those decisions are made.

Chris tells us about his next job which will be with the Oregon Ducks. Why would you leave his current job with the Nebraska Cornhuskers to go work for Ducks? Well he has a pretty good reason.

Before leaving we chatted about the upcoming basketball season and you can tell we are all pretty excited for what we hope is coming.

To end the podcast we did our top five cover songs.

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