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Nebrasketball Update: We Have a New Practice Floor

You will enjoy the changes

We know, we are less that two weeks off from the Nebraska football team taking on South Alabama in the first game of the season. Yes, the Huskers are #24 in the Associated Press poll. Adrian Martinez is picked to win the Heisman. Of course, they’re going to win the National Championship. Scott Frost will be on the cover of GQ & Fur-Fish-Game.

Well, I am here to relieve you from all of this hype with something real. Something tangible. Something that is already in place.

Nebrasketball has a new practice court design in the Hendrix Training Complex. For those of you who do not follow Nebrasketball like many of us do, here is a picture of the old one.

So, the shade of the wood is lighter. The paint went from natural wood to red. The giant block N is now the script Huskers at the center of the court. The words Nebraska and Huskers in red over a white background no longer fill the outer floor. Finally, the Adidas slogan “Red Burns Brighter” is now on the back wall. Great to see the branding department working overtime on this one.

Overall, I like it. It should make the players jump higher, run faster, and shoot better.

Now, you may go back to drooling over football.