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Nebraska Ranked #24 In AP Preseason Poll

Does it mean anything? Not if Nebraska can’t back it up.

Jon Johnston

The AP Preseason poll has been released and your beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers are ranked #24.

Nebraska has not been ranked in the preseason since 2014. Then there’s this:

Seven Big Ten teams are in the preseason ranking:

5. Ohio State

7. Michigan

15. Penn State

18. Michigan State

19. Wisconsin

20. Iowa

24. Nebraska

The full ranking is here:

1 Clemson

2 Bama

3 Georgia

4 OU

5 Ohio St


7 Michigan

8 Florida

9 Notre Dame

10 Texas

11 Oregon

12 Texas A&M

13 Washington

14 Utah

15 Penn St

16 Auburn

17 UCF

18 Michigan St

19 Wisconsin

20 Iowa

21 Iowa St

22 Syracuse

23 Wash St

24 Nebraska

25 Stanford


I’m with the Nebraska coaches, whose mindset is that “we’re a 4-8 team until proven otherwise.” It’s nice to get the recognition of being ranked, but it doesn’t matter if the team can’t back it up.

This weekend football starts for real. About time!