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Corn Nation Roundtable: National College Football Predictions

Who does the staff see winning the power five conference championships and getting into the college football playoff?

College Football Playoff National Championship Presented By AT&T - Alabama v Clemson Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Our Big Ten predictions are committed to paper, so now we’re here to embarrass ourselves on predicting champions elsewhere in college football.

What are your predictions for teams winning the SEC, ACC, Pac 12 and Big 12?


SEC - Alabama

ACC - Clemson

Pac 12 - Utah

Big 12 - Oklahoma

Nate M:

SEC - Georgia

ACC - Clemson

Pac 12 - Utah

Big 12 - Oklahoma.

How boring.


SEC - Will one of Saban’s understudies finally usurp him? This is a tough one. I think it will be Georgia and Bama in the title game, but I’m not sure who I’d pick yet. OK, Bama. Yuck.
ACC - Clemson. Sigh.
Pac 12 - Oregon State, but only because Tristan Gebbia, Caleb Lightbourn, Avery Roberts, and Tyjon Lindsey know the scheme better than ever and are bigger, faster and stronger.
Big 12 - Oklahoma


SEC - Vanderbilt. I’m tired of the Borg.

ACC - Atlantic Clemson Conference.

Pac 12 - Who cares, they won’t make the playoff. Hopefully Stanford. I love two tight end manball!

Big 12 - Texas is back!


SEC: Anyone but Bama please! I’m going to go with a couple upsets here and pick LSU.

ACC: Clemson

Pac 12: Oregon-They’ll have the best uniforms and that’s what counts here, right?

Big 12:


SEC: Alabama. This doesn't mean I'm cheering for them, but they're going to win, right?

ACC: Clemson. From what I hear, the football team is great. The volleyball team doesn't seem to be making any waves.

Pac12: Oregon

Big12: Texas. They seem to win at things.

Which Group of 5 team do you think will be selected for a New Year’s Bowl?

Patrick: Cincinnati Bearcats

Nate M: Iowa

Jill: Boise State

Uglydog56: UCF!

Brianna: Florida Atlantic

Beth: Army

Who are you predicting to be Heisman finalists?


  1. Trevor Lawrence - Clemson
  2. Jonathan Taylor - Wisconsin
  3. Khalil Tate - Arizona
  4. Tua Tagovailoa - Alabama
  5. Jake Fromm - Georgia

Nate M:

  1. Tua - Alabama
  2. Lawrence - Clemson
  3. Jalen Hurts - Oklahoma
  4. Shea Patterson - Michigan
  5. AJ Dillion - Boston College


Tua, Trevor, Adrian, Jonathan Taylor, and a defensive player who deserves to win but won’t get the trophy


  1. Adrian Martinez - Nebraska
  2. JD Spielman - Nebraska
  3. Maurice Washington - Nebraska
  4. Wandale Robinson - Nebraska
  5. Darrion Daniels - Nebraska

Which teams do you see making it to the College Football Playoff and who is your pick for national champ?



  • Alabama
  • Clemson
  • Oklahoma
  • Ohio State

National Championship Game

  • Alabama vs. Ohio State

National Champion

  • Alabama

Nate M: Playoffs - 1. Clemson, 2. Georgia, 3. Oklahoma and 4. Michigan

National Championship - Clemson vs. Georgia. Clemson wins their second in a row.


Playoff - Michigan, Clemson, Bama and Utah

Champ - Clemson v Michigan with the Tigers hoisting the trophy.

Uglydog56: Playoffs - in a landmark decision, the Playoff Committee picks Bama’s starters as 1, and Bama’s scout team as 4. 2: Georgia 3: Vandy - hey they won the conference!

What is the craziest upset of the season?

Patrick: Ummmmm.......Kansas over Oklahoma? That would seem borderline absurd to me.

Nate M: That’s actually a pretty decent option. Northern Illinois over Neb...(punching sounds).

Fine. I’ll go with Kansas over Texas.

Jill: Rutgers over...hahaha just kidding.

I want to pick my Jackrabbits over Minnesota, but the Jacks graduated their All-American QB and Minny might be good.

I’ll go with the Cincinnati Bearcats walking out of Columbus, OH with a stunning win

Uglydog56: Bama’s scout team pulls a stunner, only to lose to Vandy in the final! Go Commodores!

Brianna: Duke stuns Bama in the season opener.

Beth: Army over Michigan! Yes!!!